Do People Still Read Blogs?

People used to read blogs. We had our favorite bloggers and followed every scrap they put out. I followed some of the early “Mommy Bloggers” who amassed huge followings, of course. Dooce. Rage Against the Minivan. SO many others I’ve forgotten. I also followed lots of every day moms just trying to get by. Inspired […]

What Is Laughter Yoga?

I was walking through a park in Venice, Florida almost two years ago when a woman called out, “Come laugh with us!” She was standing next to a colorful sign that said, “Laughter Yoga.” I’d never heard of such a thing, and I consider myself fairly knowledgeable in the emotional wellness realm. I was in […]

Locked out of a luxury Orlando Airbnb with the oven on

The time I got locked out of a luxury Orlando airbnb

I originally posted this in July 2018. After spending the day with Bestie Boo and recommending his Orlando Airbnb to someone, I realized I needed to do an update because he now has TWO luxury Orlando Airbnbs! They are loft apartments with one right on top of the other. Downtown Orlando loft airbnb #1 Downtown […]

My Divorce Anniversary Is Trauma

18 reasons my divorce anniversary is trauma

It’s my fourth divorce anniversary and there’s still so much trauma. The trauma isn’t in the split itself, but in all of the processing since.

Pumpkin Slime Recipe!

Here's the perfect fall fun activity! This pumpkin slime recipe is a great sensory experience for all ages - even adults.

Here’s the perfect fall fun activity! This pumpkin slime recipe is a great sensory experience for all ages – even adults.

Date Yourself: 5 Reasons You Should Go Out Alone

5 Reasons to date yourself!

When I left my 20 year relationship  my therapist kept encouraging to “date myself.”  He urged me to plan something special to do alone outside of the house once a week.  I lived in a summer rental cottage near the beach then.  These solo dates were usually a Sunday walk to nearby Disney’s Vero Beach Resort.  […]

Emotional Support Community Event: Muffins, Mumus & Magic!

Muffins, Mumus and Magic party!

The first event in the Rambling Rach Emotional Wellness Support community is coming up soon: Muffins, Mumus & Magic! If you are local to Vero Beach, Florida please come hang out! October 15 from 10 a.m. to noon at COLAB Vero Beach (a gorgeous coworking space). It’s going to be so much fun! (Not local? […]

I Needed a Healing Community, So I Created One!

Rambling Rach Emotional Healing Community

Welcome to your healing community! Healing is often a lonely process, but it doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to do it alone. Hi! I’m Rach. I needed a healing community….so I build one. And I want you to be part of it! I know what it’s like to be without […]