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Emotional Support Community Event: Muffins, Mumus & Magic!

Rambling Rach emotional wellness community event: Muffins, Mumus and Magic!

The first event in the Rambling Rach Emotional Wellness Support community is coming up soon: Muffins, Mumus & Magic! If you are local to Vero Beach, Florida please come hang out! October 15 from 10 a.m. to noon at COLAB Vero Beach (a gorgeous coworking space). It’s going to be so much fun! (Not local? No worries! We’ll be having fun online on the Rambling Rach Facebook and Instagram pages, too!)

What is an emotional wellness support community?

The last few years have been challenging for so many of us for so many reasons. Most of my life, starting in childhood, was spent in trauma and chronic stress. 2020 was a year that forced me to reevaluate my entire life. I spent 2021 deep in therapy, self-reflection, learning about myself, healing, and rebuilding.

I created a line of guided emotional support journals because I needed extra tools in my healing journey. People told me they wanted more when I started selling the journals at vendor events. More support. More tools. More community. More connection. More conversation about emotional wellness.

And so the Rambling Rach emotional wellness support community has launched! Read more about it here.

First up: Muffins, Mumus & Magic!


It’s a morning event. That seems like an excellent reason to have muffins! Here’s a random fact about me: I don’t really like frosting. So muffins are perfect – all of the yumminess of CAKE without the frosting! Bring your favorite muffins to share. Homemade. Bakery. Storebought. Whatever. It doesn’t matter.

And it doesn’t matter if we have three different types of blueberry muffins because each recipe and finished product will be a little different. Just as a huge group of people can all experience the same pandemic with very different outcomes.

I’ll be bringing gluten-free muffins as I recently became a gluten-free girlie.


My friend Allison loves mumus. We would totally rock the Golden Girls lifestyle. We spent a weekend together in the Georgia mountains in July and she brought us matching mumus. There’s just something so glamorous, yet relaxing about throwing on a giant mumu.

So come wearing a mumu in honor of Allison, one of the links in my personal emotional support system.

Mumus have recently become trendy! They’re being sold in stores like Anthropologie for big money. I’ll be wearing one I picked up at a local second-hand shop. There are TONS of them available on Amazon for under $20.


Just like the muffins and mumus are all unique and fabulous in their own ways, we each have our own special brand of magic going on! By the end of this event, you’ll leave with a better appreciation of your magic and a plan to tap into it more frequently. You’ll be receiving one of my affirmation journals – either Bad Bitch Affirmations or Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls Say Affirmations to help tap into your amazingness.

And you’ll also be leaving with muffins we exchange and a greater sense of community! I’m so excited to spend the morning with you!

(Don’t want to wear a mumu or bring muffins? Come anyway!)

Get your ticket to Muffins, Mumus & Magic!

Check out my line of guided emotional support journals HERE!

Read more about Rambling Rach here!

Embrace your mumu magic!

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