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21 Plus-Size Halloween Costumes from Amazon

Plus-size Halloween costumes used to typically come in two camps:  1.  Oh, so boring and matronly.  Covered from head to toe in baggy, itchy, cheap fabric (that costs you a bundle).  OR 2. Not really plus-size and so small anyone over a size 12 can’t fit into it.

Well!  Things have gotten better! There are options!

I scoured Amazon to give you a head start. Here are some of my favorite plus-size Halloween costumes.

21 Best Plus size Halloween costumes on Amazon

Amazon Plus-Size Halloween Costumes Shopping Tips

I shop on Amazon a lot. Like a LOT lot.

Some of my favorite items in my wardrobe are from Amazon. I’ve also bought a lot of things I had to return. Here are some tricks I learned about shopping for clothes on Amazon that will also work well when searching for plus-size Halloween costumes.

  • Check out the size charts. Measure yourself and compare to the size chart.
  • Don’t internalize the sizes! I’m a 20W these days. That could be up to 5X on Amazon size charts, depending on where it’s manufactured. Numbers related to your size don’t mean anything about your value, worth, beauty, or health.
  • Read the reviews. See if people indicated it fit true to size. Pay attention to comments about fabric quality. I’ve gotten great quality items and I’ve also gotten fabric that looked like it would fall apart if someone breathed on it too hard.
  • Sort by weight or height. You can look at Amazon reviews left by people who are the same height or weight as you. I find these to be the most valuable opinions – especially if they have photos!
  • Look at the photos. I usually start with the photos.
  • Take a chance. Don’t be afraid to take chances. You can always return it. Amazon returns are so easy.
  • Don’t forget to send off your returns! You have to remember to return it if you don’t like it!

Note to Amazon: Can we please see actual plus-size women wearing the plus-size clothes?????

Cute Amazon Plus-Size Halloween Costumes

Queen Bee

Queen bee Halloween costume


Plus-size pumpkin costume


Adult skeleton costume


Adult Nightmare Before Christmas Sally costume

Badass Halloween Costumes


Plus size Cleopatra costume


Plus-size pirate Halloween costume

Top Gun Maverick

Top Gun Maverick women's costume

Scary/Spooky Amazon Plus-Size Halloween Costumes


Spider Halloween costume

Sexy bat

Sexy bat costume

Furry bat

Cute and comfy bat costume


Plus size witch costume

Mistress of darkness

Mistress of darkness dress

Buggy Witch

Buggy witch plus-size costume

Beautiful Halloween Costumes (Queens, Princesses, etc.)


Adult butterfly costume

Queen of Hearts

Plus size Halloween costume: Queen of Hearts

Little Red Riding Hood

Adult Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Funny/Quirky Plus-size Halloween costumes

Mad Hatter

Plus size Mad Hatter costume

Hocus Pocus dress

Hocus pocus Halloween costume dress

Fairy Godmother

Adult fairy godmother costume


Nun costume

Classic Hippie

Plus size hippie costume

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(Sidenote: Yes, I know there are ethical and environmental concerns with ordering and returning from Amazon so often. One day, I’ll examine my part in that more. That day isn’t right now.)


21 Best Plus size Halloween costumes on Amazon

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