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Glitter Shoes Will Bring Joy – to You and Everyone Else!

This is your sign to go by some glitter shoes. Yes, as an adult. You’ll feel so much better with them in your life. You don’t even need to wear them often. Just looking at them will bring joy. And they’re only $25. GET THEM NOW.

Why glitter shoes?

Um…why NOT glitter shoes? They are beautiful and fun!

This will be my second round with these shoes. I ordered them for the first time about five years ago. My life was REALLY hard at the time. I had finally realized my marriage was unhealthy – and always had been. My kid was struggling with depression, anxiety, and C-PTSD. I was literally fighting to keep her alive. Her best friend was in foster care and needing a placement, so I was knee-deep in red tape to get her legally moved in. (She was already staying at our house most of the time.) I was stressed, exhausted, lonely, and very unhappy.

Then I saw these amazing glitter shoes on a Buzzfeed best of Amazon list and ordered them immediately. I got the silver pair and immediately put them on when they arrived.

Did they cure all of my problems? Of course not.

But they did add a sliver of much-needed joy to my life.

This is your sign to buy glitter shoes!

I wore them a few times even though they were a bit small. They didn’t have 11 at the time, so I got a 10 and tried to make it work. Good news! They go up to 11 now!

I moved them with me to a few houses following my divorce, then finally passed them on to a friend as I was preparing to move to Georgia.

Facebook memories reminder

It was five years ago today that the glitter shoes arrived on my doorstep, according to Facebook memories. Facebook memories is often a bitch. But I keep looking anyway, even though it’s picking old wounds way too often.

But today I was so glad to see these shoes pop up in my memories! I’d forgotten all about them.

Treating myself

I’ve decided to do something to nourish myself every day of October. Today is day 2. These shoes were how I did that today! I was torn between the champagne and gold colors. I went with the champagne because it’s basically rose gold and I’m a pink girlie.

So yes, I have sparkly rose gold shoes on the way! And, yes, I’m going to wear these beauties to work, out on the town, to run errands, to brunch, and anywhere else I want.

Go buy these $25 glitter shoes!

More reasons you should buy these glitter shoes

Aside from them being fun, gorgeous, and joy-sparking, they also:

  • Are well made. I was impressed with the quality.
  • Only cost $25.
  • Come in several different glitter shades, plus a TON of non-glitter colors if that’s your thing.
  • Won’t leave a trail of glitter. The glitter doesn’t fall off. Very important as Bestie Boo once spent a full year battling cheap sequins that fell off my birthday outfit all over his home and car.
  • Are a stylish Mary Jane with ankle straps and a convenient zipper in the back.
  • Are comfortable! Really! Cute, comfortable, well-made, AND inexpensive?! YES!
  • Are really an act of kindness! People will smile when they see you in these shoes. You’ll be spreading so much joy!

Let’s twin!

Let me know if you get a pair! Tag me on social media. I want to see you rocking them! I’ll show you mine as soon as they arrive. Get them HERE.

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Run to Amazon for these $25 shoes!

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