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What Is a Mumu? And the Best Amazon Mumus

10 best Amazon mumus

Muffins, Mumus and Magic is less than a week away! So many people have asked me, “What is a mumu?” So I thought I’d do a quick explanation and share some Amazon options. There’s still time to order one for our fun dress-up playdate!

(Seriously, it’s going to be so fun! Snacks, posing for selfies, crafts, talking about what makes us each magical! Basically a morning of letting your inner child experience joy, play, and connection!)

What is a mumu?

According to, “The definition of a mumu, often spelled muumuu, is a loose, flowy dress worn by Hawaiian women. An example of a mumu is a long, brightly-printed, loose dress.”

Urban Dictionary has several definitions:

  • a dress people wear when they want to eat a lot of food. “Hey, when we go to dinner, I’m gonna wear my mumu!”
  • a mysterious creature that dwells within the South Wales area, a formidable force in eating and sleeps 95% of its life. They can munch 15 pounds of grapes in 30 minutes, and drink 45 gallons of petrol in an hour.
  • a special person who plays too much tennis and spends too much time on the computer. he has too much time on his hands that he sleeps all the time and wastes his money on too much electronics.
  • another word for pussy. it’s very childish and that’s why it’s only used by men… when girls can’t hear it
  • oversided huge-ass dress you wear when your trying to free ball at home

Um…okay. Do you feel informed? We’re going to focus on mumus as dresses.

My favorite Amazon mumus

My friend Allison bought us matching mumus over the summer and I felt like a glamourous queen who didn’t need to do anything except lounge around feeling fabulous. And I want you to feel that way, too!

1. Classic floral

Classic mumu

2. Ruffle hem

Ruffle casual green dress

3. Oh, the drama!

Dramatic caftan

4. Tie dye

Tie dye mumu magic

5. Neutral number

Neutral comfy dress

6. Cheetah

Cheetah house dress

7. Little black mumu

Little black comfy dress

8. Solid

Purple comfy dress

9. Hawaiian

Hawaiian dress

10. Rainbow

Rainbow maxi dress

No time or funds to order a mumu or just don’t want to wear one? Come to Muffins, Mumus & Magic anyway! And if you aren’t local to Vero Beach, Florida for the in-person event, no worries! I’m working on an online version!

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10 amazing amazon mumu dresses

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