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Review: Namaste Gluten Free Spice Cake Mix

Review of Namaste gluten-free spice cake mix from an impatient and imperfect non-baker.

This post was originally published in 2014, but with recently going gluten-free myself and my Muffins, Mumus and Magic event coming up, I thought it was a good time to share it again.

This isn’t a paid review – I just want to tell you about a product I really like:  Namaste Gluten-Free Spice Cake mix.

Review of Namaste gluten-free spice cake mix from an impatient and imperfect non-baker

Here’s what I originally said about it in 2014:

My daughter gets visibly bloated when she eats products with flour.  I’m not sure if it is gluten exactly or something more specific like wheat.  I try to go gluten-free for her at home, but don’t always do the best job at it.  We haven’t had great luck finding gluten-free products that taste good. Baking my own gluten-free bread products has been a fail.  Despite buying a boatload of flour combinations.

We frequently do stuff like eat sloppy joes on baked potatoes instead of bread or eat our sandwiches on lettuce leaves, though.  Brown rice pasta has been a hit, as has Annie’s gluten-free mac and cheese.

And our favorite sweet treat is Namaste gluten-free spice cake mix.

Oh, my yum.

I bought them from Amazon at a friend’s suggestion and crossed my fingers it wasn’t a mistake because they come in a bulk order of six packages.

We have been very pleased!  And after the batch I made this week, we’re down to our last package.

It’s delicious just as a spice cake with the basic directions on the package, however, it’s easy to tweak. We’ve made apple, pumpkin, and carrot varieties with it, as well.

The basic mix calls for water, oil, and four eggs.

Namaste gluten-free cupcakes

I typically use extra virgin olive oil in all of my baking, but I subbed coconut oil on this latest batch.  It was a good switch!  They came out moist and delicious!

I made a dozen muffins and then had enough batter left for four jumbo muffins.  Really jumbo.

I frosted one of the jumbos with store-bought vanilla icing we happened to have in the pantry for myself.  I’ve had a rough time of it with the food allergies and wanted a treat.  Then I added a good amount of sprinkles.  Fancy, sparkly sprinkles.



It was delicious.

My daughter prefers hers unfrosted – muffin style.

I came across Namaste gluten-free vanilla cake mix in Homegoods recently and picked up a bag to try.

Have you had any gluten-free hits or misses?

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Review of Namaste gluten-free spice cake mix from an impatient and imperfect non-baker.

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