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Plus Size LuLaRoe Dresses with Petticoats

I’ve been rocking amazing plus size LuLaRoe dresses just about every day for nearly a year now.  And I just upped the game.

Dresses with petticoats.

LuLaRoe plus size dresses with petticoat


I didn’t even know that was a thing people do until I saw it on Instagram and fell in love.  I was shocked at how easily available petticoats are and how cheap – under $15 on Amazon- even in plus sizes.

I was worried there wouldn’t truly be a plus size petticoat option, but I ordered two anyway.  They have arrived and fit my size 22/24 body.

Plus Size LuLaRoe Dresses Meet the Petticoat

I got one in classic black and one in hot pink.

So far I’ve only played with the pink petticoat.

Because if pink is an option, I’m going pink every time.

Valentine’ Day is coming up, so I tried to stick with a fun, flirty pink and red color palette for my little DIY photo shoot.

I’m a LuLaRoe consultant, so I took these clothes for a spin out of my inventory.  They are available for purchase, so let me know if I can help you bring one of these beauties (or something similar) into your life!

LuLaRoe skirts

LuLaRoe skirts with petticoat

I love the Julia dress.  It’s a super comfy, fitted t-shirt dress.  It’s actually the first piece (other than leggings) of LuLaRoe I owned.  It sparked the return of my confidence – something I’d lost for a while.  I threw it on under the skirts for my photo shoot.

But first I took a photo of it with the petticoat, channeling my inner mermaid!

LuLaRoe Julia dress with a petticoat

LuLaRoe Lola

Check out this pink lace beauty!!!!  My other favorite color is lime green, so a teammate got this in her inventory and knew it screamed my name! This is a size 2X.


LuLaRoe Lola Skirt with PetticoatLuLaRoe Madison

Madison has pockets. POCKETS.  This is an XL.

Wearing a petticoat under these skirts made me feel super sassy and girlie.  I wanted to go out and twirl around somewhere.  (But it was time to pick my daughter up from school.  Next time!)

LuLaRoe Madison skirt with a petticoat

LuLaRoe dresses

I introduced you to the LuLaRoe Julia dress under my skirts, now here are her pals Amelia, Carly and Nicole.  (The pieces are named after members of the founder’s family! How cool is that?!)

LuLaRoe Carly

Carly is my favorite!!!  I have at least a dozen of this dress in my personal collection.  This one is an XL with TC (tall/curvy) leggings.  I’ve pulled it up a bit using a cool hack involving a quarter so the amazing petticoat shows underneath.  (See the video of the LuLaRoe quarter hack on Periscope!)


LuLaRoe Carly dress with a petticoatLuLaRoe Amelia

Like Madison, Amelia also has pockets.  It also has a zipper in the back and breastfeeding moms have been known to wear it backwards for easy nursing.  This is a 3X Amelia.

LuLaRoe Amelia with a petticoat

LuLaRoe Nicole

Nicole already has a full skirt with lots of potential for twirl and the petticoat just added to the party!  This is a 3X Nicole.


LuLaRoe Nicole dress with a petticoat


Don’t be afraid to try plus size LuLaRoe dresses.  And don’t be afraid to get playful with a petticoat underneath!

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LuLaRoe dresses with petticoats

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