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How to Wear Dresses Without Chafing

Secrets to wearing dresses without chafing even in the summer heat

I love wearing dresses.  I wear them all year.

Occasionally I’ll mix it up and wear a skirt.

I think dresses are super comfortable.

They’re also easy.  No thought about making a matching outfit required.  Just slip one over your head, pull your arms through and DONE!

Plus, they’re just pretty!  And sometimes even twirly!

People tell me all the time, “I’d love to wear more dresses, but I can’t handle the chafing.”

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Oh, the evil chafing.

Chafing occurs when your skin rubs together.  When wearing dresses and skirts, it’s usually the thighs rubbing together.

I’ve heard this referred to as “chub rub,” but I don’t think that’s accurate at all.

My pal Amy wears LuLaRoe’s XXS size and still complains of chafing when wearing dresses.

I wear 2x and 3x and don’t have this problem.

Because I have a secret.

Dresses without chafing: an insider tipThe secret to avoiding chafing while wearing dresses:

One word.


Okay…two more:

Jockey Skimmies.

Both are a type of long underwear.  Slip shorts.  Shortlettes.


They come to mid-thigh.

They don’t ride up or bunch up.

They protect you from thighs rubbing together.

They are what allow me to wear dresses throughout the brutal Florida summers.

They aren’t shapewear.   They move with you and are super comfortable.


Undersummers were created by CarrieRae, a plus size Texas woman who was tired of fighting with underwear, slips and pantyhose under her skirts and dresses in the heat.  She and other models proudly pose in the shortlettes with minimal photoshopping used.

Jockey Skimmies

I fell in love with Jockey Skimmies while wearing Undersummers.  They were given out to attendees at BlogHer last year (or perhaps the year before). They have the smooth look of a slip with the extra coverage of shorts.  I’m sure there are similar products.  These just happen to be the two I’ve tried and loved.

Which is best for avoiding chafing while wearing dresses?

Both Undersummer and Jockey Skimmies are super comfy and protect from chafing while wearing dresses.  I don’t prefer one over the other.  Both are awesome.  And both come in a wide range of patterns, colors and sizes from small to plus size.

A more affordable chafing option:

I haven’t tried these myself, but Fruit of the Loop has a very affordable option that appears to be comparable to the more expensive Undersummers and Skimmies.

Anti-chafing potions 

Swipe on and your thighs will slide instead of chaffe. 

How to avoid chafing when wearing dresses


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