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LuLaRoe consultant answers, ‘Are leggings pants?’

My friend Pauline (author of “BabyFat: Adventures in Motherhood, Muffin Tops, & Trying to Stay Sane“) has been professing her love of LuLaRoe leggings for months. SO I asked Facebook, “Are these leggings really that special?”

I heard an enthusiastic “YES!” back.

And then LuLuRoe consultant Jasmine Moore offered to send me a pair to try out.  Of course I said, “YES! PLEASE! AND THANK YOU!”

I have practically lived in my leggings since.

They really are amazing.

I was skeptical the “tall and curvy” option would work for me since I’m at the top of the size 12 – 22 bracket, but they fit amazing.  These leggings are so soft and comfortable!  They have a yoga waistband, which stays put.

And the patterns!

Jasmine sent me a basic black pair, which is great for looking grown up and put together.  Some funky patterns are definitely next up on my shopping list!  They even have unicorns!

LuLaRoe also offers tunics, dresses and more.  I’ve picked up a few other pieces since the leggings arrived and have loved everything I’ve purchased.

LuLaRoe leggings

Interview with a LuLaRoe Consultant

How did you get involved in LuLaRoe?

Every consultant has their own “story” for how they found out about LuLaRoe; for me it was about this time last year when I first saw their clothing at a local craft/vendor fair. I was immediately drawn to the Randy shirt, which is our raglan, baseball style shirt. I did not purchase my first piece of LuLaRoe until January of this year, which of course was a pair of their signature “buttery-soft” leggings.

What do you love about LuLaRoe clothes?

What first drew me to the clothing was the styles. I have never been one to shop for clothing for myself. I just don’t like to spend the time to shop in the stores and then mostly leave frustrated because nothing fit or looked good. After having two children, I almost “gave up” in a sense, and settled for whatever kind-of fit. When I tried on the leggings from LuLaRoe the first time, of course I loved how soft they were but also the fact that they FIT! After that I finally purchased my first Randy shirt, and from there I was hooked. I love that their clothes are fun and fit a wide array of sizes from XXS-3XL! Plus the clothing items are so unique, the company only produces about 2,000 pieces per print for nationwide distribution so I not worrying if I will run into 30 other people in my town wearing the same piece of clothing. And it helps that the clothing is well-made, and so comfortable too!

Who are LuLaRoe clothes for?

EVERYONE! LuLaRoe makes items for women, children and now men. Women sizes XXS-3XL, children from 2T-Tween and Men too. Before I began wearing LuLaRoe clothing most of my items were basic black and grey colors. Now I have added some fun pieces with colors that POP to break up my wardrobe. However, even with some of their crazy prints LuLaRoe still produces many solids in each of their pieces for those that are little more reserved in their wardrobe.

What are your favorite pieces?

The Randy shirt has to be my favorite piece! I wear them to bed to work to the gym and just to not I work in a business casual environment. Plus of course, everyone first gets hooked with the leggings! They are amazing…..

Leggings as pants? Yay or nay? A LuLaRoe rep weighs in.

Leggings as pants – yay or nay? 

This is a very controversial question from the chatter I have seen online. My take on it, is that leggings are acceptable as pants as long as the shirt/top you are wearing covers your assets. Thankfully, LuLaRoe produces several different tops and dresses that you can pair with the leggings to make them appropriate to wear as pants.

How can we buy LuLaRoe or find out more?

LuLaRoe is sold through independent fashion consultants at Pop-Up Boutiques either in-person or online through Facebook. What is a Pop-Up Boutique? A LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant basically brings an entire boutique of clothing to your house or wherever! The hostess invites their friends and they can shop, pay for their purchase and take it home with them the same day. What is wonderful about LuLaRoe is that there are no catalogs or websites to buy from a large inventory, every consultant carries their own inventory which will be completely different from any other consultant in the area. Did I mention that LuLaRoe only produces 2,000 pieces in every print? So this means new prints are introduced to the market on a weekly basis so at each Pop-Up you may attend will have completely new styles and prints.

Some consultants also host online Pop-Up Boutiques through Facebook groups which allows for a very similar experience for the customer. The hostess will invite their Facebook friends to the online event which then the consultant will post pictures of their inventory for a limited amount of time, typically 2-4 hours. Attendees will comment, “sold,” on the items they would like to purchase and the consultant will invoice the customer and ship their item directly to them.

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