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Birthday Giveaway Day 6: Reading with My Chakra Lady

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Hi! Welcome back to my birthday giveaway week! Today brings the chance to win a healing reading with the lovely Angela, who I refer to as “my chakra lady.”

Yes, I have both a psychic and a chakra lady. I’ve also had a tea leaf reading and had a natal chart reading by an astrologist. When your world is upside down and unraveling you’re ready to try anything that might help you make sense of the chaos and pain.

Or at least that’s how I dealt with this past year.

Angela brings calm instantly. She’s a magical being – a sparkly unicorn of a person. She’s cleared blocks in my chakra, cut cords, removed curses and more. I don’t know what any of that means or how she does it. I don’t need to.

I just know she makes me feel so much better.

Meet my chakra lady

Enter to win a healing chakra reading

I’ll let Angela tell you about herself:

“I am a vibrational alchemist. I use frequency and toning to uncover hidden negative energies within the lives and auric fields of others, once identified I bring about healing on the ultimate cellular level.

I realized that I had the ability to identify and heal others at the age of 5. Someone who would like to dig deep for a potent and life changing experience should contact me. Energy is everywhere, you don’t have to believe in it for it to benefit you.”

Check out Angela here or on Facebook.

Yesterday we talked about letting shit go.  She’ll help you do it.  She has helped me identify, process and release trauma so I can move forward with healing.

Also, don’t forget to enter to win a reading from “that prophetic chick,” Toi Huff.  She and I went live on the Rambling Rach Facebook page last night.  There was laughter, psychic readings and yes, a bit of rambling.  Stay tuned – maybe I’ll go live with Angela, too!

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