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Savage X Fenty Plus Size Lingerie Review

I’ve been curious about Savage X Fenty plus size lingerie for for a while now.  I have a teenage daughter and spent hours with her stalking the Fenty beauty products when they hit Sephora a few years ago.  (Fenty Spanked is my lip shade.)  Because of kiddo, I was in the know when Rihanna launched her lingerie line.  I was thrilled to learn it was going up to size 3X.

Yet…I was also skeptical.

Was it really plus size?  Was 3X really 3X?

Then images for the line dropped using plus size women.

It appeared to be true!

But what about the quality?  And how would the lingerie look on women at home who didn’t have teams posing them and adjusting everything just right?

I finally decided to get my curiosity quenched and used a generous Black Friday discount to order several pieces of Savage X Fenty Curvy.  And because I’m embracing bravery, confidence and self love in this new chapter of my life, I’m sharing it with you.  (So please share with your friends to keep it going!)

Here’s what I found after I tore into the pastel tissue paper and tried on my new plus size lingerie.

Savage X Fenty plus size review


Savage X Fenty Plus Size Review

First, let me back up to the ordering process.  The plus size selection is under “curvy” on the menu bars.  I know some people are offended these sizes aren’t mixed in with the rest of the site, but I actually prefer being able to look at just the sizes that will work for me.  Not everything available in “regular” sizes is for sale in the “curvy” section.  Savage X Fenty plus size styles are also often different than the “regular” sizes – more coverage, less sexy.  The brand has recently come under fire for this with their Valentine’s Day line.

I ordered two different bra styles, matching underwear and a bralette..  I also got a robe because the lavender silkiness called to me.  Finding matching panties was a challenge.  So many options were sold out. The selection of in stock items was slim pickings in the “curvy” section.

Savage X Fenty Curvy Review

Lacy sexiness

I loved the sea foam color (called “bay”) of the floral lace mesh bra.  I got a 42D.  (Most of the bras go up to 44DD.)  I was able to score matching panties with the high waist lace brief in 3X.

To my surprise, both pieces fit true to size.  The underwire on the bra is comfortable and nothing digs into the skin.  It’s comfy and sexy!  Not always an easy combo in full figured bras!

I LOVE the underwear.  I love high waist underwear – and so do other people because Granny Panties are apparently back in style!  The problem is, the waistband frequently rolls down on me.  Not these.  They smooth, flatter and stay in place.


Savage X Fenty Plus Size Lingerie Review

Comfort and function

I also tried the stretch microfiber unlined bra with a matching stretch microfiber high-waist brief.  Again, 42D and 3X.

This is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned.  The panties are super comfortable, too.

This Savage X Fenty plus size set isn’t exactly sexy, but it feels great on.  And feeling good is sexy, so it’s a win.

The robe is as soft, silky and beautiful as I expected.

Savage X Fenty Plus Size Lingerie Review

Savage X Fenty Plus Size Bralette review

I was especially curious about the bralettes.  The plus size beauties modeling the Savage X Fenty Curvy bralettes had lots of boob.  It didn’t seem possible for just lace to keep everything hoisted up like in the photos.  I needed to check out this sorcery myself.

Savage X Fenty Plus Size Bralette Review

Here’s the deal.  The red bralette is smoking hot. It really does prop your boobs up (once you navigate them into place).  The problem for me was the bottom band instantly started rolling up, as you can see in the photo above.  And kept rolling.

However, if your objective is to lounge around sending thotty Snapchats, this bralette has got you, boo!

(I’m having fun feeling sexy again after leaving a long, unhappy marriage.  Thotty photos are fun! I suggest you try it!  See also:  Why Straight Women Love Gay Porn and Buy Yourself This Sex Toy Right Now.)

Plus Size Savage X Fenty bralette review

Final thoughts:  Savage X Fenty plus size lingerie products are a good quality and fit true to size.  I wish the bralette was more functional because I really like how it looks before it starts rolling.  Those high-waist panties are bomb and I went back and ordered more.

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