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Birthday Giveaway Day 4: Free pizza! Domino’s Gift Card

Free pizza giveaway at


We’re at day four of my birthday week giveaways!  What’s better than pizza?  FREE PIZZA!  For day 4,  enter to win free pizza via a Domino’s gift card!

Why free pizza?

Each of these birthday giveaways has meaning.  I’m gifting you with things that have made my life better over the last year.  Year 40 was huge.  Chaos, crisis, change.  I’m excited to start 41 in a healthier, more confident and less frazzled state.

The items I’ve chosen for these giveaways have helped me on my healing journey (a path I still have a long way left to travel).

Day 1:  Starbucks gift card.  Espresso kept me functioning during the three weeks my daughter was in ICU.

Day 2:  Adult coloring books.  Coloring (and then bedazzling!) naughty pages has calmed my brain and made me smile.

Day 3:  Psychic readingToi Huff has been a mentor and guide as I put my life back together.


I love pizza.  I’m trying to eat healthier, but sometimes comfort food is required and sometimes it needs to be delivered.  So one of you will win a $20 Domino’s gift card so you can order a pie on me when you really just need someone to bring dinner to your door.

Because some days just go wonky no matter how good your intentions, how much you planned or how hard you tried to keep your life on track.

Today was one of those for me.  My plan was to have these giveaway posts go live at 8 am every morning.

It’s currently 10:15 pm.

I have work I need to do after this.

I still haven’t eaten dinner and there’s laundry that needs moved to the dryer.

The day just got out away from me.

Some days are still hard for me emotionally.   (You can read more on my About Rambling Rach page if you’re new here.  Oh, and hi!  Welcome!)  I got triggered by someone else’s baggage today.  They tried to hand it to me.  I almost took it.  But  I was able to step back.  However, it was draining.  I didn’t get everything done I wanted to do.

And that’s okay.

Some days are just like that.

Pizza helps.

Free pizza helps even more.

I like my pizza with lots of veggies. OR pepperoni and pineapple. What do you like on yours? Yay or yuck to pineapple on pizza?

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