Easy 4 Minute Instant Pot Oatmeal with Apples and Cinnamon


It’s been cold in Florida this week! We woke up to ICE ON THE CAR. We Floridians freak out when stuff like this happens and Facebook gets filled with photos of our wintery wonderland. Cold mornings are perfect for oatmeal. We like our oatmeal on the stove, not the microwave. Made with milk, not water. […]

How to start NSNG (No Sugars No Grains)


Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here! You probably stopped by because you’re curious about NSNG!  Well, I’ve got the simple answers for you! I’ve interviewed the no sugar no grain guru Vinnie Tortorich, author of “Fitness Confidential,” several times. In fact, when I was ready to commit to this way of eating, I texted Vinnie himself to […]

NSNG “Fitness Confidential” Vinnie Tortorich book review

NSNG Vinnie Tortorich book review

I was sent the book “Fitness Confidential” a couple years ago.  I chatted with both authors, Vinnie Tortorich and Dean Lorey, by email and have been very impressed with their knowledge, enthusiasm and warmness.  These are busy Hollywood dudes and I appreciated them taking the time to chat with me. My life got crazy.  There […]

Instant Pot Black Eyed Peas and Collard Greens Recipe

Instant Pot black eyed peas and collard greens

Happy New Year!!!  In my family, that always meant black eyed peas, greens and corn bread.  I decided to do Instant Pot black eyed peas and collard greens this year.  It is so easy and tasty you’ll probably find yourself whipping it up throughout the year – I know I will! This is one of […]

Collard greens salad with avocado and citrus

Collard greens salad with avocado and clementines

I originally posted about this collard greens salad four years ago. My goals at the time were: trying to eat better working on eliminating sugar and grain (more successfully some days than others) making lifestyle changes getting to the gym a few times a week trying to take better care of myself preparing healthier meals […]

Super Easy Frozen Hot Chocolate Recipe

Here's how to make a quick and easy frozen hot chocolate.

Frozen hot chocolate.  The concept makes me laugh.  Frozen and hot in one description?  Okay….   Serendipity 3 is famous for their frozen hot chocolate.  This hot spot was on my wish list of places to visit while my daughter and I were in New York City, however the line was crazy long so we […]

Why your family deserves a store bought holiday meal

Your family deserves a store bought holiday meal. You'll save money and have more time and less stress. !

When I first got married, I thought it was my duty to slave away in the kitchen on the holidays.  I was deeply offended at the idea of purchasing a store bought holiday meal. I was serious about the first Thanksgiving meal I prepared as a wife.  I was adamant I wasn’t taking shortcuts on […]

Green smoothies: Recipes from my Ninja blender

Green Monster Smoothie Recipe

  You’ve probably heard of the health benefits of green juices and green smoothies.  I want to eat better and starting the day with a class full of veggies seems like a great start.   was pretty skeptical about the taste, though.  If it doesn’t taste good, I’m not likely to eat it.  I want my […]

Best Lunchboxes for work, school and play!

Best Lunchboxes and lunchbox accessories

I am a big fan of lunchboxes!  The best lunchboxes are functional and FUN (FUNctionatal, if you will, ha ha ha!).  And they aren’t just for school lunches – use the for work, car trips, a day at the park, whatever! I love packing my daughter’s lunch for school.  She has several lunchboxes that are […]

3 Healthy Summer Habits to Start TODAY + Mojito Green Juice Recipe

Savory Mojito Green Juice

Summer is a busy time for most of us! We’re (hopefully) booked with outdoor activities, travel, BBQs and the beach! Eating on the go can be tricky, but there are solutions – it’s as easy as embracing three simple, healthy summer habits. This summer, don’t let healthy habits take a backseat and instead follow these […]

Tessemae’s All Natural Honey Balsamic Corn and Avocado Salad

Honey Balsamic Corn Salad Recipe

I was sent some of Tessemae’s All Natural salad dressings to try and I’m excited to tell you about it. Because this stuff is GOOD. Three brothers (Greg, Brian and Matt Vetter) launched Tessemae’s All Natural at their local Annapolis, Maryland Whole Foods in 2009.  They use the simple recipe created by their mom and […]

Best healthy snacks to order from Amazon right now!

Best healthy snacks to order from Amazon

Wondering what the best healthy snacks are? Here’s my list! Click the links, add them to your Amazon cart and have them shipped right to your door! (These are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission off sales.) I’ve been trying to make healthier food choices.  Going to the store to stock up on […]

How I eat more veggies and indulge in ‘me’ time

#BlendMoreVeggies at Smoothie King

Eat more veggies.  Take time to myself.  Move my body.  Get more sleep. Self care. I’ve had a really rough year physically and emotionally, but I’m working on taking better care of myself. My perfect “Me” day My favorite way to spend “me time” is hitting a whole bunch of thrift shops. Alone. No one […]

Anytime Thanksgiving soup! Instant Pot recipe

Thanksgiving soup recipe

How about Thanksgiving soup anytime?  That’s what the flavors of this super quick and easy soup will do for you – Thanksgiving dinner you eat with a spoon. I love Thanksgiving and when I found a bag of cranberries in the freezer today I started craving all the Turkey Day fixins’. But I didn’t have […]

Instant Pot soup: Mexican chicken posole recipe

Instant Pot soup: Chicken posole recipe

Instant Pot soup is so easy to whip up in my magical favorite appliance.  Toss broth and whatever ingredients you have on hand in the pot, hit the soup button and you’ll be sipping warm, savory, comfort food within the hour. Posole is my daughter’s favorite soup. She lived in the Texas foster care system […]

5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets have a way of multiplying and taking over every drawer, cabinet and shelf.  If you’re anything like me, it becomes nearly impossible to find what you’re actually looking for because so much junk is in the way. And then you end up with 300 bag clips, 35 veggie peelers and 57 measuring spoon […]

Low Carb Pizza “Cookies”: Yes, for real.

low carb pizza

If I say “low carb pizza” do you think I’m a crazy lady that believes in fairies and unicorns? Well…you might be right about the crazy…and the fairies and unicorns. BUT I’ve also figured out a way to get in my favorite part of pizza – the gooey cheese and yummy toppings – without the […]

Instant Pot for School Lunches: Goodbye to Soggy Sammies!

how to use instant pot for school lunches

Instant Pot has vastly improved school lunches in our family! My daughter hates taking sandwiches for her lunch at school.  They always get soggy and yucky.  Plus, we just don’t eat a lot of bread. She also hates buying the school lunch. So I usually make a main course Sunday to divvy up for her […]

Instant Pot Problems, how I fixed it and why it’s now my favorite appliance

instant pot

You’ve probably seen your Facebook friends raving about their Instant Pot and wondered if it’s worth it. Well, I’m here with the answer! Dinner ready in minutes. No need to defrost meat. The best tasting food ever. They made it sound like magic. And it is! The food is delicious. It cooks quicker than many […]

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