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How I eat more veggies and indulge in ‘me’ time

Eat more veggies.  Take time to myself.  Move my body.  Get more sleep.

Self care.

I’ve had a really rough year physically and emotionally, but I’m working on taking better care of myself.

My perfect “Me” day

My favorite way to spend “me time” is hitting a whole bunch of thrift shops.


No one to whine, “Are you done yet?”

No one to ask, “Do you really need a giant statue of hot pink giraffe?”

Just me, walking the aisles and picking up whatever strikes my fancy.

I seek joy. Kon Mari thrifting. It takes time.

Really, the process is the joy.

I headed to a town an hour away last week after I dropped my daughter off at school to indulge in “me” time. Thrift shopping in other towns is always more fun to me. I seem to find better treasures.

I realized when I got off the interstate I hadn’t had breakfast.

And I was HUNGRY.

Hungry - Time for Smoothie King! #blendmoreveggies

Fast, but not fast food

I passed several restaurants. French toast sounded good. Or biscuits and gravy. Or a burger and cheese fries.

But I’m trying to eat healthier.

I’m working on fueling my body with better choices, so I have more energy.

And I was ready to do some serious thrifting so I didn’t want to be sluggish!

I hit Smoothie King, just as I did the last time I went on a thrift adventure in this town. The man that works there is SO SUPER nice he seems transported from a long ago decade. I knew he’d whip up something delicious, healthy and filling.

Smoothie King is FAST, but not fast food.  They use whole ingredients like fruit, greens and Greek yogurt.

Smoothie King - #blendmoreveggies #BlendMoreVeggies at Smoothie King

Eat more veggies by blending!

#BlendMoreVeggies at Smoothie King

Smoothie King has these great veggie blends. Throwing veggies in a smoothie is a great way to eat more vegetables. I love spinach and kale in my smoothies. It adds a yummy freshness. #BlendMoreVeggies, right?

I went with the Apple Kiwi Kale this time.  It featured kale, bananas, apple juice and kiwi juice.  It was refreshing and DELICIOUS!

Smoothie King's apple kiwi kale smoothie

I don’t like sugary sweet drinks.  This was just right.  Not overly sweet, but still sweet enough to taste like a thick and indulgent dessert.

For under 300 calories and with lots of fiber and vitamins to fuel my body.


Eat more veggies – it tastes great in smoothie form!

I was totally fueled me for my thrift shop adventures!

Smoothie King to the rescue!

#BlendMoreVeggies thanks to Smoothie King


You can get a FREE SMOOTHIE by signing up for Smoothie King’s VIP program.  Go here and click on “rewards” to learn more!

I love to the veggie blend smoothies so much I want you to try them!  Enter below for a chance to win a $10 Smoothie King gift card.

What do you do to eat more veggies?

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