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Best Lunchboxes for work, school and play!

I am a big fan of lunchboxes!  The best lunchboxes are functional and FUN (FUNctionatal, if you will, ha ha ha!).  And they aren’t just for school lunches – use the for work, car trips, a day at the park, whatever!

Best Lunchboxes and lunchbox accessories

I love packing my daughter’s lunch for school.  She has several lunchboxes that are still in fine shape, but I let her pick out a new one each year.  I like containers with separate compartments, like those offered by Eco, so I’m not stuck packing her a boring sandwich day after day.  Sammies are great sometimes, but not for all 180 school days.I like to pack her a variety of foods.  Some favorites include:

  • leftovers
  • mac & cheese
  • pasta
  • soup
  • chili
  • salads
  • baked potatoes with all the trimmings
  • homemade “lunchables
  • hummus and pita

I especially love using my
Instant Pot to whip up yummy lunches to eat all week. Here are some of my favorite Instant Pot lunch recipes.

Frequent sides include slices fruit, grapes, yogurt, veggies with dip, chips, pretzels and nuts.  I also throw in leftover sides – rice pilaf is one of her favorites.

Even when I do pack a sandwich, I pack each component separately so it doesn’t get soggy.

What do you pack in your kid’s lunchbox?  Let me know in the comments!

Here are some of my favorite lunchbox items:

Best Lunchboxes

These meet the criteria for FUNctional!

Bento boxes

Lunch containers

Water bottles

Lunchbox accessories

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