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NSNG “Fitness Confidential” Vinnie Tortorich book review

I was sent the book “Fitness Confidential” a couple years ago.  I chatted with both authors, Vinnie Tortorich and Dean Lorey, by email and have been very impressed with their knowledge, enthusiasm and warmness.  These are busy Hollywood dudes and I appreciated them taking the time to chat with me.

My life got crazy.  There was much conflict and chaos.  I neglected myself.  2018 brought a crisis with my child, leaving my marriage, living on my own, multiple moves, a house sale and a divorce.  I’m rundown and exhausted.  But I’m determined to keep moving forward.   So it’s time to start taking care of my body and making my health a priority.  Because I’m freaking worth it.

NSNG Vinnie Tortorich book review

Vinnie has been a trainer to Hollywood’s rich and famous for decades.  This book isn’t filled with celebrity gossip and name dropping, though.  He actually values the confidentiality of his clients.  He’s an intense athlete – biking hundreds of miles for days on end just to prove he can.  He’s sarcastic, straight forward and good at cursing.  Oh, and he beat cancer.

Dean Lorey is a writer for huge TV shows like “The Crazy Ones” and “Arrested Development.”  He has a line of kid’s books.  He got in shape himself following Vinnie’s advice.  (In fact, Vinnie says Dean was his toughest client ever.)

Vinnie has dubbed himself “America’s Angriest Trainer.”  Why is he so angry?  He says the fitness industry is stealing our good intentions.  He’s here to help us get them back.  That’s where “Fitness Confidential” comes in.

The book is part memoir about Vinnie’s life and career (really entertaining, interesting stuff) and half insider tips.  Find out what to order in restaurants, the best piece of home fitness equipment, how to navigate gym membership sales people and so much more.

Vinnie’s method is “NSNG” – no sugars, no grains.  His clients have dropped tons of weight and turned their health around on his plan.  He even has a great podcast with tons of info about how to make this change.

The biggest take away I got from Vinnie Tortorich is “CUT THE CRAP.”

Cutting the crap means lots of different things.  Here are some of the ways I’ve cut it:

  • Skipping the bread basket when I go out to eat
  • Hitting the gym even though I’m tired
  • Not giving myself permission to eat junk just because I’m on medication that makes me hungry
  • Working to pull myself out of a lifetime of bad habits and emotional eating
  • Leaving the junk at the store

“Fitness Confidential” is a great book.  Check it out!

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