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Instant Pot Problems, how I fixed it and why it’s now my favorite appliance

Start out in saute mode.

I tried it and BOOM!  Life changing.

Or at least dinner changing.

I plug in my Instant Pot, set it to saute and then add whatever liquid I’m using. Or if I actually need to saute something, such as onions, or want to brown meat I’ll add a bit of olive oil and toss in that food. I prep whatever else I need – veggie slicing, can opening, etc. – while that’s going on.

The pot is nice and hot by the time I have everything in there, close the lid and head into the pressure cooking phase. This means it comes to pressure SUPER FAST.

I’ve made:

  • pasta (again)
  • rice
  • rice pudding
  • quinoa
  • soup
  • chicken
  • bone broth
  • dried (unsoaked) black beans.

All yummy. All fast. All easy peasy.

Want free Instant Pot recipes for every meal?  CLICK HERE!

My Favorite Thing About Instant Pot

The.  Yogurt.  Button.


It blows my mind that I’m making homemade yogurt regularly.

It’s so easy and SO YUMMY.

Here’s how to make Instant Pot yogurt. That button makes the purchase worthwhile to me.

So were my friends right? Is Instant Pot a magic cooking device?

Yeah, pretty much. After a small bit of a learning cure.

But there are tens of thousands of people out there ready to help you with just a few keystrokes.

I’d love to hear your Instant Pot challenges and triumphs! Leave me a comment.


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