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Low Carb Pizza “Cookies”: Yes, for real.

low carb pizza If I say “low carb pizza” do you think I’m a crazy lady that believes in fairies and unicorns? Well…you might be right about the crazy…and the fairies and unicorns. BUT I’ve also figured out a way to get in my favorite part of pizza – the gooey cheese and yummy toppings – without the carbs.

Just say no to pizza crust!

The trick is totally skipping the crust. Yeah, you could make a cauliflower crust or a “fat head” pizza crust with cream cheese and almond flour. But I’ve found they really don’t taste that great – at least not in proportion to the effort and dirty dishes required.  And these crusts aren’t a very accurate substitute for pizza crust in my opinion. So I’d rather just skip the crust entirely and go right for the toppings.

The secret to crustless low carb pizza

My secret weapon? Sandwich slices of pepperoni. I get them sliced fresh at the grocery store deli.  My deli sells Boar’s Head brand. The pepperoni slices become the base for the yummy toppings. My daughter calls them pizza cookies.

How to make pizza cookies:

Pepperoni is really greasy.  You need to get some of that grease out so the slices can crisp up enough to hold the toppings without going soggy.

  1. Layer four paper towels on a microwave safe plate.  Place pepperoni slices on top of paper towels.  Microwave for thirty seconds.
  2. Repeat if more pepperoni is needed.
  3. Transfer pepperoni to a cookie sheet.
  4. Top with pizza sauce, cheese and your favorite toppings.  (Mushroom, black olive and Italian seasoning are shown above.)
  5. Bake at 350 degrees until cheese is melted and bubbly. (About ten minutes.)
  6. Enjoy!

Knowing I can eat food I love like pizza makes me more likely to make other good choices like slipping in an exercise DVD and getting my sweat on. What toppings do you like on your pizza?  I’m all about fresh mushroom and onion.  Yum!  These are dinner at least one day a week in our house! Low carb pizza.  It does exist. low carb pizza

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