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Shein Review: Online Plus Size Clothing

Shein review: Plus size summer clothing

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I am so impressed with Shein Curve!  

I took a chance and made a purchase so I could bring you a Shein review. Shein is one of many companies I’ve seen advertising cheap plus size clothing on Facebook. These items look CUTE, but I’ve bought from Wish and Ali Express, so I’ve been skeptical.  The clothes are usually poor quality, look nothing like the photos, and horribly off in sizing.  Oh, and they typically take forever to arrive.

In my experience, purchasing through these discount clothing companies has been a waste of money at best – and a scam at worst.  One of my friends recently ordered a plus-size bikini from a Facebook ad after being inspired by my Your Summer Body Is Already Here workshop.  The company is ModCurvy.  Her bathing suit never arrived.  Then she saw the same photo on  This scam company had stolen photos from a legit website.

So I went into my Shein purchase not expecting much.

The website is impressive.  Tons of options in a variety of sizes from XS – 4X.  They also have clothing for children and men, as well as shoes and accessories for everyone.  The site was easy to navigate and has great filters.  You can sort by type of item, size, prize, color and even style.  Casual?  Retro?  Boho?

I ordered four items from Shein on April 8 for $41 total.  Everything was delivered (in two shipments) within ten days.  While not Amazon Prime, was still much quicker than I expected.

Shein review

I ordered:

I was impressed with the items right out of the package.  The quality isn’t phenomenal, but as the all-knowing “THEY” say, “you get what you pay for.”  The quality is certainly better than I expected for the prize.

I ordered everything in a size 4X because there’s nothing worse than ordering clothes and them being too small.  Shein fits true to the posted size charts.  I could have gone with a 3X in everything and been okay.  Everything looks cute, even if a bit big.

Here’s the face print blouse and striped shorts.   I wore them out Saturday to run errands and got compliments all day.  (Excuse my poor tying of the bow belt.  This is user error, not the fault of the clothing.)

Shein review: Plus size shorts and blouse


I am in need of shorts because I live in Florida and it’s freaking hot.  Basically all year. I’ll definitely go back and order some more shorts.  I’m also going to try some of the adorable plus-size lingerie at Shein.

My Shein review?  It’s worth taking a chance on.  Read the info carefully – fabric content, size charters and reviews are all right there.  Let me know if you purchase!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and see what you got!

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Update: Here are some more Shein purchases!

All pieces around $10 with quick shipping, good fit and nice quality.

Unicorn top from Shein

My body is not yours tank top from Shein

Sheer plus size body suit from Shein

Sequins top by Shein

Plus size sequins pants from Shein


Shein review: Plus size black and white faces blouse

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