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Honest Shein Plus Size Bathing Suits Review

I ordered some plus-size clothes from Shein about a year ago and was impressed with the quality, price, and cuteness of the pieces. So since summer has arrived and I hope to live at the pool and beach, I ordered a bunch of bathing suits. Here’s my honest Shein plus size bathing suits review.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a tiny profit if you buy through the links.

Read my original Shein review HERE.

Shein plus size bathing suits sizing

I typically wear a 2x or 20W in bathing suits. Of course, that varies greatly depending on brand, etc. but if I’m at Walmart or Target, that’s my usual go-to. I looked at the size charts and reviews on Shein and decided to go with 4X across the board. So everything you see on me in this post is a 4X.

Note: the biggest size is 5X and there aren’t as many options for that size as 1X-4X.

I feel the fit was very consistent. 3X probably would have worked better for me, but I’m still wearing these regularly and everything is staying in place.

A word about my photos

I took these photos myself on my back patio with my phone propped haphazardly on the fence. I did my best!

Shein plus size bikinis

Listen. You can wear a bikini. Yes, you. If you want to.

YOUR BODY IS ALREADY A BIKINI BODY. Your summer body is already here!

I love bikinis. I like how easy they are to get on and off (and run to the bathroom in). The water and sun feels good on my body, so I like having more skin exposed. And I like having less wet fabric against my skin in between water and changing.

Lime green plus size bikini with skirt

Fun fact: lime green has been one of my favorite colors since I was a teenager. (Pink is the other, as most people know.) I had to scoop up this lime bikini with a matching skirt.

Excuse the waistband when I was modeling the skirt. I didn’t realize it was twisted until after I’d changed out of it!

This suit is super comfortable and the color just makes me feel happier.

Shein plus size bikini with skirt

Leopard is one of my other favorite colors

I have so much leopard print. This isn’t even my only leopard bikini. I also have one from Target.

Shein plus size leopard bikini

Purple ruffle plus size bikini

I sent a friend pics of the Shein plus size bathing suits I was considering and asked his favorite. He picked this. Good call. It’s not my fave, but I think it’s really cute!

Plus size bathing suits from Shein: purple ruffle bikini

Okay, and a few more

I maybe went a little overboard…

Shein plus size bikinis

Shein plus size one-pieces

But one-pieces can be hella sexy, too! I burn super easily, so they’re probably the smarter choice for me. Like I said, I hope to spend a lot of time in the water this summer so I got a mix of bikinis and one-pieces.

All about that green

I was drawn to this shade of green while browsing It matches my eyes!

Green one piece plus size bathing suit


I feel so sexy in this one! Definitely the winner for me! I wore it to the beach and lunch with my bestie last weekend.

Shein plus size bathing suit

Final thoughts on Shein plus size bathing suits

The only thing I don’t like about these suits – and this is a problem with many companies, not just Shein – is that the bra cups aren’t sewn in. I don’t like dealing with them so I just took them out.

Stock up on bathing suits for summer at Shein HERE. Read the reviews – many have actual photos so you can see what they look like on real bodies like mine and yours!

Let me know what you get!

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