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I found the cutest plus size dresses EVER!

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Cutest plus size dresses on earth!

You guys! I found the cutest plus size dresses EVER!


Need I say more?

That’s right – I found a dress with UNICORNS on it in plus size.

Unicorn print plus size dress!

And it didn’t cost a fortune.

(Yes, I’m sending side eye to you, ModCloth.)

In fact, it was under $20 shipped.

The brand is CowCow and they have amazing plus size dresses available on Amazon.

SO MANY adorable prints!

What’s your thing? Skulls, bugs, hot dogs, cupcakes, cats, dinosaurs, floral, gnomes?

There’s a dress for you!

I have bought four of these CowCow skater dresses so far. Two for myself and two as gifts.

My first purchase was a pink unicorn dress for myself, of course.

I just bought the one dress to try it out.  I was skeptical, even though the reviews are great.

It far exceeded my expectations!  It fits true to size, the fabric is nice, the fit is flattering and it is just SO VERY CUTE!  I’m IN LOVE!


CowCow Plus Size Unicorn Dress

My daughter’s friend loved it so I ordered a smaller size in a purple unicorn for her birthday.  She rocked it with a tiara and slayed her Sweet Sixteen.

Then I ordered a cat print in small for my friend Amy.  She put it on instantly and was in love.

Three different body types. Three different ages.

We all LOVE this CowCow dress!

So then I ordered another one for myself.  This time a flamingo print.

CowCow plus size flamingo dress

And I’m not done.  There will be more.

Oh, yes, there will be more.

So while this brand offers up amazingly adorable plus size dresses, they look great on all body types.  Order them for gifts for all the ladies you know!

Look for options that ship Prime if you want quick delivery (and free shipping).  Don’t have Prime?  Why not???  Sign up for a trial and order your magical dresses!

Some of the prints ship from China and take a while to be delivered.  My flamingo print took a couple of weeks.  But it was WORTH IT!

CowCow plus size dresses are BOMB!  Let me know what you order!

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