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Your Summer Body Is Here NOW

Listen.   Your summer body is here now.

RIGHT now.

The body you are in is perfect for summer.

It is already your beach body, your pool body.

How do you get a bikini body?  You put a bikini on your body.

That’s it.

I love wearing bikinis.  They’re easy to get on and off.  You can mix and match pieces.  I love the feeling of the warm water and hot sun on my bare skin.

So many people see me wearing a plus size bikini and say they wish they could do it, too.


I’m not brave or special because I go out in public in a bathing suit that shows my stomach.  If you want to do it, YOU CAN.  I promise.

You just DO IT.

Does that mean I’m never self conscious?  Or that I never doubt myself or lack confidence?

Of course not!

But I do it anyway because I’m more than those insecurities and so are you.

Your summer body is here!

My daughter snapped this photo of me Saturday afternoon.


Rambling Rach is standing by the pool in a mustard colored plus size bikini.
Your summer body is already here and perfect!

I was standing by the community pool in our neighborhood,  deciding if I was going to brave the cold water or chicken out.  It was in the 80s outside, but the pool is unheated and still pretty chilly.  Florida had a cool winter (for Florida).

I tried the water, but got out before it even hit my bathing suit.  Then I continued sitting poolside in my 3X bikini enjoying the fresh air and sun on my skin.  There were people all around.  As far as I cold tell, no one was paying any attention to me.  They were enjoying their time at the pool.

People tell me I’m brave for doing this. I’m not brave. I just got tired of feeling I needed to hide.

Are you tired of hiding?  I can help you embrace your awesome, too. I’m going to do a workshop going into summer to help you get out of the “summer body” shame that’s been drilled into us since childhood.  Details on my “Face It Til You Make It Body Love Workshop” coming soon!

Rambling Rach is standing by the pool in a mustard plus size bikini.

In the meantime, if you’re one of the people who have said, “I wish I could wear a bikini,” I challenge you to BUY ONE NOW!

Shein has great options for under $15. Shop for the best fashion in United States at

Shop SHEIN for the latest in Fall and Winter Fashions

I’ve scored great plus size bathing suits at Swimsuits for All.

This one is from Walmart.


Rambling Rach is wearing a mustard plus size bikini by the pool.
All bodies are bikini ready!


I wear a bikini at nearly 300 pounds and you can, too!

Wearing a plus size bikini on a cruise ship

All bodies are ready for summer

From body shame to bikinis

Amazing and super hot one piece bathing suit

Your summer body is here…

And it’s perfect. You’re beautiful. Right now.

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