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Planet Fitness Review From a 40-year-old Overweight Mom

This isn’t a sponsored post.  I just thought I’d do a quick Planet Fitness review in case anyone is interested.  I’m always looking for reviews before I plop down money to try something new.

The last few years of crisis and conflict have left me run down.  It’s time to get my body healthier and up my energy levels.  While thinking of how to do this, I remembered really enjoying Planet Fitness.

I was very intrigued when a Facebook friend started posting he was working out at Planet Fitness with his middle school aged son a few years ago.  I called the facility to ask about their age requirements.  It’s 13 and up.

My daughter turned 13 and we joined!

Planet Fitness Review

Our local Planet Fitness is in the same plaza as a grocery store, a clothing store and several restaurants.  It’s a long, skinny gym.  We popped in on a Saturday afternoon to inquire about membership and were offered a tour.

There was no sales pitch.  Planet Fitness is pretty bare bones.  There’s cardio equipment and strength training equipment.  The locker room has a couple shower stalls and a hair dryer.  There’s no sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi or pool.  There aren’t any classes, so there’s no yoga or Pilates studio.

There is also no sales pitch.  They are up front about the rates and that’s what they are.  $10 a month.  Bam. Thats’ all.

Unless you want to upgrade to the “black card” membership.   That gives you half price drinks in the little cooler up front, access to all Planet Fitness facilities in the US, free access to the tanning booths and free access to a couple of massage chairs.  (The tanning booths and massage chairs are off to the side, behind a curtain, and I wouldn’t have even noticed them if they weren’t pointed out on the tour.  This gives some privacy to help you relax.)

We went with the basic plan for my daughter and I splurged on the upgrade to get massage chair rights.  There was a $10 each enrollment fee, which they were also very clear about up front.

Signing up was quick and easy.  They even gave us each a free t-shirt!

I’ve belonged to the type gyms that are more like social clubs for the fit and beautiful before.  They had big cafes, pools, hot tubs and dozens of classes a week.  They were also way more expensive with contracts.  I went a few times and then stopped, wasting tons of money and making me feel terrible about myself.

Planet Fitness’s motto is “the no judgment zone.”  I liked seeing all sorts of people working out.   The equipment is arranged in a way that you aren’t starring at other people.  There aren’t mirrors all over the place.  It’s a very relaxed atmosphere.

And no contracts.  You can pause or cancel your membership any time without penalty.

My daughter and I have now been going to Planet Fitness off and on for years.  Life gets busy and we pause or cancel, then restart when it works better.    I’ve never felt guilty or ashamed there – that I don’t attend enough, that I’m overweight, that I’m not fit, that I don’t know to use all the machines, that I’m a hot sweaty mess, that I sometimes just go for the massage chairs and never actually work out, etc.

Bottom line in my Planet Fitness review:  it’s a good vibe and I suggest giving it a shot if you’re looking at gyms.

I give Planet Fitness a big thumbs up!  What do you like or dislike about gyms?

Planet Fitness Review from a 40-year-old overweight mom

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