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Dear Type 1 Diabetes Community (What to do about an angry mob!)

What to do if an angry mom mob comes after you

  • Don’t react right away. Give yourself some time to figure out what’s going on.
  • Figure out who the leader is.  All angry moms have a leader rallying the troops.  This is usually the first person who was upset by your words or actions.
  • Reach out this person.  Calmly.  Respectfully.  Curiously.
  • Listen to their concerns.  Again – calmly, respectfully, curiously.
  • Acknowledge the upset.  That doesn’t mean admitting you were wrong.  A simple, “I can see you’re really upset.” is effective.
  • Ask for time.  Say, “I want to address your concerns.  I need a little time and will get back to you.”
  • Get introspective.  Why are they angry?  Could they be right?  Do some research.  Talk to unbiased parties.  Lean on people you trust to tell you the truth.
  • If you determine you were wrong, admit it, apologize and work to make it right.
  • If you stand by your words or actions, state it and ask to agree to disagree. Or perhaps a compromise can be reached that allows everyone to feel heard.
  • Analyze how you could have handled things differently.
  • Move on.


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