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Dear Type 1 Diabetes Community (What to do about an angry mob!)

A Momma Bear’s Apology

I relate so much to the parents of kids with type 1 diabetes. My daughter also has individual special needs. She deals with mental health disorders that make life very complicated and difficult.

I understand stigmas and judgement. I understand feeling the blame from others and also blaming myself. I understand the constant worry and hypervigilance. I’m always looking for triggers, forever questioning how I can do more and better.

And, of course, my sweet daughter feels all of it even more. And she feels so very ashamed and different.

I am a momma bear. A fierce protector. When I first tried to interact with the angry mob, I called them momma bears. I meant it as a compliment. It sure wasn’t taken that way!

I get it.

I was the enemy at that time.

I hope you see now that I’m not. I was just a mom trying to whip out some quick and easy work so I could focus on my family.

I screwed up. I didn’t take the time to investigate the product or think about the total picture.

I never intended to spread misconceptions or make anyone feel badly. And I am so sorry I did.

Here’s another tidbit about me: I have type 2 diabetes. So, yes, I know the difference. But I didn’t realize how many people don’t.  One of my many mistakes.  I’ve learned so very much.

I wanted to write this note to the type 1 diabetes community here on my blog because 1. Examiner doesn’t allow personal commentary – or even first person language, and 2. I knew I’d be way too long winded for Facebook – and especially Twitter!

Keep reading to read my pledge to the type 1 diabetes community.



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