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Dear Type 1 Diabetes Community (What to do about an angry mob!)

An angry mom mob forms!

Two days after the article was published I was out shopping with my daughter when I got the first batch of angry emails. It wasn’t long before they were coming every minute. I was flooded with venom via email, Facebook, Twitter and the article comment section.

I didn’t understand why everyone was so mad at first. I was just reporting what someone else said. (Someone who immediately began saying he was “misquoted” and knew nothing about the article, by the way.)

But I listened. I read every angry message, even the ones calling me dreadful names.

Even the ones wishing me harm.

Even the ones wishing my children harm.

I ended the shopping trip early so I could go home and figure out what was going on.  The messages kept coming.  I stayed up reading them into the early morning hours.

I got a few hours of sleep and woke up to hundreds of new messages.

It felt like the Internet hated me.

Keep reading to find out who I called for help.



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