Best exercise DVDS for overweight people

Best exercise dvds for overweight people

  I’ve Googled “best exercise dvds for overweight people” many times for ideas of new workout routines.  I like DVDS and had collected a pretty big library.  They let me do a variety of workouts all from the comfort of my garage, where I had a TV, DVD player and squishy floor mats. (This post […]

5 ways to regain your weight loss motivation

massage chair

Getting and staying healthy is hard work. Weight loss motivation is easy to lose, but difficult to get back. I’m working on weight loss and general healthy eating to get control of type 2 diabetes. I know the things I need to do: Limit carbs Ignore (most of the time) the sweet treats that scream […]

Thanks, Gwynnie Bee, for the weight loss goal dress!

gwynnie bee

Gwynnie Bee has given me my first weight loss goal dress!  I saw it this morning and fell in love.  And then I squeezed into it.  It is way too snug, but I see the potential there.  This dress is me.  I have an adorable hot pink tissue thin short sleeve sweater that will work […]

Weight loss targets: Where do you lose first?

We all have our weight loss targets – ya know the areas you really want to see shrink the most.  Of course, it doesn’t work that way.  We can’t pick and choose where we want the fat to disappear the fastest. Each body seems to deal with it differently.  Some people lose in their boobs […]

I’m not asking for weight loss advice…

The trouble with blogging about your journey to become a Shrinking Momster is that you open yourself up to a whole lot of  unsolicited weight loss advice.  The judgment is something I never get used to about putting myself out there for the Internet to read. Judgment in my real life is hard for me […]

Being offended by fat jokes

I got an email from someone asking me if I was offended by the “Fat Girls on Bicycles” video I posted last week.  I took the weekend to think of it.  My initial response came quickly, but then I wondered if I was wrong. Yeah, I worried that my own feelings were wrong.  “Should I […]

Fat girls on bicycles

The talk radio show I listen to in the car played a song repeatedly a few years ago about fat girls riding bicycles.  Oh, I just looked up on YouTube.  It’s actually called “Fat Girls On Bicycles.”   And it could be about me. My daughter and I got new bikes last week! I’m still […]