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Best exercise DVDS for overweight people


I’ve Googled “best exercise dvds for overweight people” many times for ideas of new workout routines.  I like DVDS and had collected a pretty big library.  They let me do a variety of workouts all from the comfort of my garage, where I had a TV, DVD player and squishy floor mats.

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Most of my workout dvds, as well as the squishy floor mats, TV and DVD player were sold in a garage sale.  Then the garage was sold as well.  I got divorced and the house and much of my belongings were sold.

But I kept and still love this handful of dvds, my very favorite.

I actually really like exercising.  I am fat because of food,  not a hatred of exercise.  I feel good when I’m moving and know my overall mood and sleep are better when I’m working out regularly.

Best exercise dvds for overweight people

Here are my picks for best exercise dvds for overweight people.

Cardioke by Billy Blanks Jr.

This one is from Billy Blanks, Jr. (son of the taebo king) and his wife, Sharon.  It is SO MUCH FUN.  You sing along with words on the screen to popular songs while they lead you through dance moves.  Coordination is a challenge for me, but I just keep moving and singing even if I don’t have the choreography right.

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

This is from Jillian Michael’s.   She’s a bit of an acquired taste – people usually love or or hate her.  I really like her, despite hating much of “The Biggest Loser” franchise.  I don’t agree with her selling weight loss supplements (which never work – trust me, I’ve sampled a large variety!), but I understand having the opportunity to make money for her family is a compelling reason to do it.  The public has a responsibility to decide for ourselves if we buy the products. Anyway, Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred is a fast workout that combines cardio and strength.  It is hardcore, but I modify the moves as needed.  I like it when pushes, “Don’t make me reach through that TV and smack you!” type stuff.  Makes it easy for me to scream “I hate you!” back at her as I’m out of breath and wanting to quit.  My temporary hatred for her fuels me to keep going.

The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga

I used to watch “Biggest Loser.”  My ex-husband and I even spent a whole day watching a marathon of the first Australian season one holiday.  It triggered so much shame in me, though.  I would see people drop twenty pounds and one week and fall apart when I only had a half pound weight loss despite sticking to my calories or points and exercising daily.  I stopped watching a season after Jillian left the first time.  It wasn’t until I stopped watching that I realized how crappy it had been making me feel for years.  I’d bought almost all of the show’s books and DVD’s up until that point.  I still really like “Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga.”  It’s with Bob Harper and some past contestants.   It is challenging, gets my heart pumping, sweat pouring and leaves me tired.  I like that.

Start! Walking At Home with Leslie Sansone: Beginner/Intermediate – 1 & 2 Mile Walk

This lady has TONS of DVDs.  I have a few, but wouldn’t recommend one over another.  Pick whichever sounds best to you.  Her series is called “Walk Away the Pounds.”  She leads you through walking in place in front of your TV.  Why not just go out and walk around the block, you ask?  Here are some reasons I’ve worked out with this DVD instead of outdoor walking:

    1. It’s hot out.  Really, really freaking hot out.
    2. The blazing sun gives me a migraine.
    3. I don’t always want to get dressed.
    4. Sometimes I don’t want to be seen.
    5. She challenges me to keep a faster pace than I would on my own.
    6. Listening to her chirp away makes the time go by faster.


Megan Garcia is a plus sized yoga guru.  She has a book and two DVDs.  She also has one called Just My Size. She gives great adaptations for larger bodies without losing intensity or effectiveness in the workout.

What would you add to the list of best exercise dvds for overweight people?  I’m always on the lookout for something new.


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