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Fat girls on bicycles

The talk radio show I listen to in the car played a song repeatedly a few years ago about fat girls riding bicycles.  Oh, I just looked up on YouTube.  It’s actually called “Fat Girls On Bicycles.”


And it could be about me.

My daughter and I got new bikes last week!

I’m still hovering right around the 300 pound mark.

Fat girl on a bicycle indeed.

But I love it!

I’ve never biked regularly – not even when I was a kid.  But I learned how when I was about 10 and I guess the old saying is true.  I was a little shake at first, but am feeling pretty sold now.

I have a cruiser bike with an adorable basket and a hot pink helmet.

I admit to panicking a bit when I ride past teens, afraid they’ll make fun of me, but I don’t let my daughter see it.

Being an overweight kid brings it’s own form of PTSD.



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