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Weight loss targets: Where do you lose first?

We all have our weight loss targets – ya know the areas you really want to see shrink the most.  Of course, it doesn’t work that way.  We can’t pick and choose where we want the fat to disappear the fastest.

Each body seems to deal with it differently.  Some people lose in their boobs first.  Others their butt or face.

I have an hour glass figure.  While I’m big all over, my waist is noticeably small than my top and bottom halves.  Though I also have a big stomach.

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Anyway, I always lose in my waist first.

This makes me look even bigger instead of smaller.

In fact, my most outspoken (and maybe rudest?) loved ones have asked me if I’ve gained weight when I’ve actually lost.

Likewise, I often get, “You’ve lost weight!” when I’ve gained.

This is because a shrinking waist makes me look bigger on both top and bottom.  However, when I gain weight it looks more even again.

I’ve lost big chunks of weight before.  I do eventually start to even out.

Even when I lost 80 pounds, my boobs didn’t shrink, though.

What would be your weight loss targets if you could choose?  Where do you lose first?

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