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I’m not asking for weight loss advice…

The trouble with blogging about your journey to become a Shrinking Momster is that you open yourself up to a whole lot of  unsolicited weight loss advice.  The judgment is something I never get used to about putting myself out there for the Internet to read.

Judgment in my real life is hard for me to deal with, too.  I think it is for most of us.

I’d like this space to be a “judgment free zone” – like Planet Fitness – not just for me, but for anyone who wants to post their challenges, struggles and story.

I’m doing this my way.  That might not look like you’d do it.  So?  That’s why it’s MY way and not your way.

I got this message a few minutes ago and I really want to address it:

“I gotta be honest with you- a lot of these recipes are not good for you. Packets of cocoa mix, diet lemonade and sugary juice in your smoothies, crockpot BBQ (sugar??)… By putting these sweet things into your body, especially the stuff with artificial sweetener, you are tricking your body and brain into cravings, crap metabolism, false hunger. Stop putting processed foods into your body and it will respond. No more rice-a-roni. Get some brown rice/ quinoa pasta. Even some brown rice would be a better choice than white rice, or the San Francisco Treat.
If you reduce portion sizes and drink a glass or two of water before meals, your stomach will start to shrink and your body will feel fuller sooner. Water between meals, too. Some of your portions sound huge to me (2 eggs and 2 pieces of buttered toast? That feeds 2 of us in our household, and guess what, I’m not overweight anymore).
I don’t really buy into the “I’m an emotional eater” excuse, because if you only stock your pantry with healthy things, you can binge on cauliflower and not consume 2,000 calories. If it’s not there, it can’t go in your belly.
I had two kids and gained weight. It took me a good year to drop 50 lbs and I’ve kept it off for 3 years now with no fluctuations. It came down to this:
– No garbage food. Buy less, buy healthy, buy whole. Enlist a nutritionist to tell you- no more cocoa packets, no more juice in your green smoothie!
– Water. No soda or juice, ever. I do drink coffee, black.
– Know portion sizes. Measure or weigh, if you can’t eyeball. Use kid/appetizer plates. 1/2 veg. 1/4 protein. 1/4 starch.
– Eat slowly. Drink water. Eat at the table. Slow down. Set your utensils down. Chew. Reflect. Savor. Notice and appreciate the good choices you’ve just made. Stay present, don’t freak out about food. Breathe. You are just eating a healthy meal! Celebrate!
– Movement, movement, movement. Get a trainer. S/he will work you harder than you would’ve chosen for yourself. A good one will push you to do one more rep than you would’ve on your own. Movement everyday. Alternate between one hard trainer-workout (or their homework), and 1-2 days lighter/varied exercise. I would do one day trainer, then swim, then dance/cardio; repeat (with trainer’s homework), etc. Sauna and steam is helpful.
– measure inches, not pounds.”

I’m not saying the person gave me bad advice.  Most of it is sound.  And I know it.  Most overweight people could write a book on how to lose weight.  It’s not that we’re lacking the knowledge.  There are many other factors at work – regardless of if this person “buys into emotional eating” or not.

I am eager for people to stop by this space – to read, comment and share. I need the accountability because writing is how I process and if I stop writing, I’ve probably fallen away from my goals.  Knowing I have people out there checking in will hopefully keep me motivated.

However, I’m not asking for judgment on what I eat. If you don’t like a recipe I’m sharing, don’t make it.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want tips.  There’s a difference between tips and judgment.

This might not be the blog for you if you are offended by the serving size of 2 eggs and two pieces of toast.

I struggle with a binge eating disorder.  This blog will sometimes be about that.  I’m working to break habits I’ve had my whole life without triggering my disordered eating.  I also have a child who suffered horrible neglect before my husband and I adopted her and who also has food issues, so I’m also working hard to make healthy changes in our life without triggering her.

This blog is going to be about baby steps and celebrating the small victories.

It is not going to be about huge changes or a fast, radical overhaul.

Slow and steady wins the race, right?

I know I’m going to get unsolicited advice nearly daily.  It’s just how it is.  However, please try to be respectful of the fact that I’m making my own path here and finding what works for me.

So let’s share and encourage each other, but without an overload of weight loss advice.

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