How to Wear Dresses Without Chafing

Secrets to wearing dresses without chafing even in the summer heat

I love wearing dresses.  I wear them all year. Occasionally I’ll mix it up and wear a skirt. I think dresses are super comfortable. They’re also easy.  No thought about making a matching outfit required.  Just slip one over your head, pull your arms through and DONE! Plus, they’re just pretty!  And sometimes even twirly! […]

Thank you Tess Holliday and People Magazine

tess holliday people

Tess Holliday made the cover of People magazine.  I don’t usually buy People.  Everything I want to read is available online.  Plus, I can’t keep up with my monthly magazines.  Taking on a weekly would have me buried alive. Oh, and I have made a conscious effort to stop bringing magazines into the house featuring itty […]

Obsessed with Target Ava & Viv Plus Size Line

ava & viv

Target does not have a good track record with plus size customers. Selections have been weak for years – and nonexistent in many stores for a long stretch. Then there was the whole Lilly for Target debacle…. But Target has released their own plus size line called Ava & Viv and I’m obsessed. I’ve loved […]

Lilly Pulitzer and Target Plus Size FAIL with #LillyforTarget

target plus size

I was so bummed when I couldn’t get any of the #LillyforTarget stuff. Target plus size Lilly Pulitzer options were only available online and they were sold out before the store opened. I waited in line at the store hoping to get some of the home goods, but that was an epic fail. So I […]

#LillyforTarget: Dude, where’s my giraffeeey pants?

I love Target. I’m also a fan of Lilly Pulitzer. I live less than two hours from Palm Beach, Florida. My favorite colors are pink and lime green. I’m a huge fan of whimsy and silly. What’s not to love about Lilly for me? Oh, yeah: THE PRICES! So I was super excited about the […]

Sharing my weight and plus size lingerie photos with the Internet

plus size lingerie

I did a boudoir photo shoot in February.  I weighed just shy of 300 pounds and had just turned 37 years old. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I felt brave and sexy before the shoot even happened – just committing to doing it was enough to boost my confidence […]

#Selfiebration : Selfies from a plus size, freckly mom with a bad camera

I saw someone post a rant on Facebook about selfies the other day.  She said she’s sick of people showing off their cleavage and exposing their double chins.  She accused people who post selfies of being vain and attention seekers. I quietly kept reading.  I didn’t respond or stick up for people who post photos […]