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#Selfiebration : Selfies from a plus size, freckly mom with a bad camera

I saw someone post a rant on Facebook about selfies the other day.  She said she’s sick of people showing off their cleavage and exposing their double chins.  She accused people who post selfies of being vain and attention seekers.

I quietly kept reading.  I didn’t respond or stick up for people who post photos of themselves, but maybe I should have.  Because I think it’s awesome.

Why shouldn’t we want to take photos of ourselves and show them off?

My 13-year-old has perfected the art of the selfie.  She takes shots of herself nearly everyday with a wide assortment of facial expressions.  They are some of my absolute favorite photos of her – a thousand times better than any school photo and even better than the beautiful photo of her smelling her bouquet of flowers as a junior bridesmaid in my aunts wedding I had printed on canvas.

They are natural.  They are free.  They are just authentically her.

And that’s what makes them wonderful.

I challenge you to a selfiebration!  I’ll get the party started.

They can be of any body part – as long as a piece of you is in the shot, it qualifies. This is a tattoo my daughter made me after we saw “Maleficent.”  She used waterproof eyeliner and it stayed put for days.


BlogHer13 souvenir!  It’s stuck on my laptop now.

big deal

Puppy love!  I have lots with cats, too.

dog selfie

Nail polish selfie!  I designed this color myself poolside at a mom’s retreat.

nail polish selfie

Totally relaxed and happy at that same retreat (a reminder to take time for me and care for myself).


A reminder that I am Wonder Woman.  (You are, too!)

wonder woman

Poolside relaxation!

poolside selfie

poolside selfie

So there I am.  Double chinned.  Cleavage.  Haircut I don’t love.  Overweight. Freckles.  Blurry.  Low resolution.

But  me.

All me.

I’m pretty fantastic – worthy of being photographed, even by myself. Guess what?  YOU totally are, too!

I just upgraded to a phone with a much better camera.  Bring on the selfies!

Let me see your selfiebration!

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