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#LillyforTarget: Dude, where’s my giraffeeey pants?

I love Target. I’m also a fan of Lilly Pulitzer. I live less than two hours from Palm Beach, Florida. My favorite colors are pink and lime green. I’m a huge fan of whimsy and silly. What’s not to love about Lilly for me? Oh, yeah: THE PRICES!

So I was super excited about the #LillyforTarget collection – and even more so when I learned the clothing would be available in plus sizes for the first time in the history of Target’s designer collaborations.  Yeah, only online for plus sizes, but whatevs.  I’ll take it.

I decided to go to the store anyway in hoops of getting some cute accessories or home items.  I was especially hoping to get a giraffe print beach towel (“giraffeeey” is what the Pullitzer people call the pattern).

I got up early Sunday morning and headed to my store.  I got in line outside Target at 7:30 – a full half hour before doors opened – and I was already several hundred people back.

lp3 lp4

I’m a frequent Target shopper.  It’s usually dead on Sunday mornings.

The lady in front of me was talking about items she scored online.


I hadn’t bothered much with online because I assumed it would all be available at 8 a.m. when the stores opened.  I did briefly check around 7, but the giraffeeey items I clicked on said “not available,” so I assumed they weren’t live for purchase yet.


They said that because they were already completely sold out.

The lady in front of me was up all night.  She hadn’t slept yet.  The site kept crashing and she was only able to score a few things for her little girl.

I pulled out my phone and went to while I was in line to get in the store.  Everything was gone from the plus size Lilly Pullitzer collection.

I hoped I could nab some XXL in store – maybe it would help me lose weight faster to get in them!

Unfortunately, by the time my portion of the line got into the store at about 8:03 EVERYTHING WAS GONE.  The racks were empty.  The tables with home and beauty items wiped clear.  Nothing was left.


And nothing was available online.

It sold out in minutes.

People were hanging around hoping someone would put something back, but no one did.


What a fail.

I’m still mourning my giraffeeey pants and very unwilling to pay ebay prices.

Did you survive or even thrive with #LillyforTarget?


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