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How to Make Turkey in the Instant Pot


How to make turkey in the Instant Pot

I discovered you can easily make turkey in the Instant Pot! Well, a turkey breast anyway.

This was very exciting for me because I had a turkey breast in the freezer for months, unsure of what to do with it.

In fact, I had the turkey longer than the Instant Pot.

It was one of those frozen boneless turkey breasts from Aldi. I think it cost six bucks.

I got it before Thanksgiving to make a little feast for my family.

But then my now ex-husband and and daughter declared a vote and lasagna beat the traditional turkey dinner.

Bummer for me because I love traditional T-Day food.

But I was also relieved to not have to tackle roasting the bird.

I remembered it was in the freezer months later and decided to try my hand at turkey in the Instant Pot. Poultry can go in the pressure cooker frozen, but I couldn’t finagle the bird free from all the packaging in the icy state.

So I put the plan on hold and thawed it in the fridge for 24 hours.  It was completely defrosted when I put it in the pot. We watched “Creed” and then had a FEAST.  (Anyone else love the Rocky franchise? RIP Adrienne.)

How to cook turkey breast in the Instant Pot

  1. Put a cup of chicken or turkey broth in the Instant Pot.
  2. Put turkey breast in pot.
  3. Add whatever seasonings you desire. (I like salt, pepper, garlic powder, an Italian blend and the juice of an orange.)
  4. Set the pot to poultry and adjust to 30 minutes.
  5. Let pressure release naturally when done.

It’s really that easy.

Instant Pot Turkey breast is so quick, easy and delicious!

Turkey in the Instant Pot results


Pressure cooker boneless turkey breast turns out amazing!  Moist and flavorful!

Cook one anytime of the year. Eat it with rice and veggies.

Or have Thanksgiving Dinner any month of the year in under an hour!

I went to Aldi Sunday and got excited by the Thanksgiving displays.  My girls will be home from college, so I picked up everything for T-day dinner: boneless turkey breast, frozen green beans, cranberry sauce, gravy, refrigerated mashed potatoes, Hawaiian bread stuffing mix.  But then I got impatient and cooked it all last night.  My own solo early Thanksgiving dinner made in under an hour!  I ate it while watching Shameless on the couch.


Thanksgiving dinner in under an hour using Instant Pot

What to do with leftover turkey?

I like to chop up the leftovers and make turkey salad. with mayo, apples, celery and raisins  Yum!   My daughter eats it right out a bowl with a fork.  Or make an easy turkey soup.

Turkey salad

Instant Pot turkey is EASY PEASY.

How to make a turkey breast in the Instant Pot

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