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Fairlife Instant Pot Yogurt Review

My daughter and I love our homemade Instant Pot yogurt.  I have a go to method, but I was intrigued when I read about an easier way using Fairlife milk on one of the Instant Pot Facebook groups.  They also refer to it as “no cook Instant Pot yogurt.”

My daughter is lactose intolerant so we use Fairlife milk already.  The commenters claimed this method eliminated steps in the process and yielded super thick yogurt without straining.

An easier method with thicker yogurt and no straining using a product I always have in the fridge?

I was all in.

So I tried it last night.

How to make Fairlife Instant Pot Yogurt

I made sure my Instant Pot was super clean and dry first.  People are always warning about possible debris or bacteria messing up the yogurt-ing.

I followed the directions people have given all over this very popular Facebook group:

I poured in the 52 ounce container of full fat Fairlife milk.

Then I stirred in a tablespoon of 2% Fage plain Greek yogurt.

(I usually do full fat yogurt, but I only wanted a small container since I was making my own yogurt and full fat was only available in giant tubs.)

Then I put the lid on and hit the yogurt button.

That’s all you’re supposed to do with this method.

I went to bed.

No Cook Yogurt Results

The yogurt looked thick and lovely when I opened the Instant Pot in the morning.  I was excited!

I put on the Instant Pot silicone lid and stuck it in the fridge.

I came back about five hours later and the yogurt was completely chilled.

I had high hopes when I saw how little whey was on top – there was no straining needed.  I hate straining, even with a yogurt strainer.

It was so thick my spoon stood up in the yogurt!

No Cook Instant Pot Yogurt


The Taste Test

Instant Pot yogurt

My daughter was excited to dig into the bowl of Instant Pot yogurt and strawberries I handed her.

“Ma?  This doesn’t taste good.  It’s different than usual.  I don’t like it.”

I thought she was crazy!  It was so thick!  The spoon stood in it!

So I tasted it.


She was right.

While it was thick and creamy, it had no flavor.  It was missing the yogurt tang.

We aren’t fans.

If you like a very mild yogurt, this is for you.

I think I’ll try again giving it more than eight hours.  If that doesn’t work I’ll go back to my usual Instant Pot yogurt recipe.

Have you tried Fairlife Instant Pot yogurt?  What was your experience?

Fairlife Instant Pot Yogurt

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