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Check Out This Sizzling HOT One Piece Bathing Suit for $20

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The one piece bathing suit is having a moment!  It’s the summer of the one piece.  But this isn’t your grandma’s suit.  No, it’s got to be SEXY.

I found the perfect smoking hot one piece bathing suit on Amazon.

My daughter and her friend are both in love with it.

When a mom purchases something her teenage daughter approves and happily wears?  That’s a HUGE endorsement for the product!

I ordered two of the suits on a whim.  They arrived just as my daughter, her bestie and I were heading out for a weekend road trip.  I threw them in the car with the charcoal toothpaste that also arrived.

The brand is Sondiborn Swimwear.  The suit comes in several different prints.  Sizes range from small to extra large.  I went by the size charge on the product page and ordered large, which is listed as size 12 – 14.  Both my daughter and her friend found it to be a perfect, true-to-size fit.

Amazing One Piece Bathing Suits Under $20

This hot one piece bathing suit offers full coverage without being stuffy thanks to a cute criss cross design in the front.  I got a green leaf pattern and an American flag pattern.

The girls fought over the leaves.  My daughter won, of course.   thought her friend was adorable in the flag bathing suit, but the girls thought that design was lame.  They love the style but not the flag print.  Any other of the nearly dozen prints would have been fine, they said.

I got both suits for under $20 each, shipped (thanks Amazon Prime!)!

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Ya know what’s even better?

The solid black and navy versions start at just $4.20 shipped.


An awesome one piece bathing suit for UNDER FIVE BUCKS.

Yes, I did order more for my daughter.

We live in Florida.  She has more bathing suits than any other article of clothing.

Looking for a sexy one piece bathing suit?  This is the one!


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