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How to start NSNG (No Sugars No Grains)

Is NSNG for you?


Why I chose NSNG

I have a huge sugar and carb addiction and I’ve known for a while I needed to drastically cut back in order to curb my cravings.  I’ve tried before, but I always cave when it gets hard.

Then I read Fitness Confidential and Tortorich’s “cut the crap” philosophy really stuck with me.

So I’m cutting the crap. In the form of sugars and grains. I realized this was different for me just three days in.

I wasn’t experiencing the headaches I’ve gone through other times I’ve tried to cut back on sugars and grains.  I think that’s because other plans also cut out fruits.  It’s too much too soon, at least for me.

In the past, I tried to stick to low fat foods because that’s what the diet industry teaches us is the right thing to do, but Vinnie says “fat is fuel.”   Fat helps with the hunger and deprived feelings.

So I’ve been eating fruit, veggies,  full fat dairy (cheese, milk, Greek yogurt, cream), olives, avocado, meat, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts etc.

I’m also drinking lots of water.

And I feel GREAT!

CLICK HERE! for a NSNG checklist to get you started

Keep reading to find out my tips for making NSNG super easy. next

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