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Democracy Jeans Are Magic. Moms, Get Some!


Democracy Jeans are magic.  Magic jeans.  Get some.

This is not a sponsored post.  I just really love these jeans.  (Post does contain affiliate links, though.)

I first learned of Democracy Jeans – or “magic jeans” – as I call them – about a year ago.  I was away on a mom’s trip with some of my favorite ladies.  Four of them went off shopping at Nordstrom Rack and all came back with jeans they felt and looked awesome in.

Four different body types, ranging from petite to plus size.   Four different sizes of jeans.  All looked fantastic.

I don’t have a Nordstrom Rack near me and had never been on one, so when we did our annual mom’s trip last month it was at the top of my agenda.  One of my ladies and I took an Uber to Nordstrom Rack.

We forgot our friend who wanted to join us while she was in the shower.  Here is a public apology, Ami.  We talked about really inappropriate things on the way that probably frightened the Uber driver.

And we got magic jeans!

My friend was of the original Magic Jean Squad, but wanted more.  She knew exactly what size she needed.

I took a couple sizes into the dressing room and tried on the smallest size first, thinking there’s no way they would fit

They fit perfectly.

Here I am wearing them with a cute top, also from Nordstrom Rack.  And flip flops because Florida girl.  My Magic Jeans are a size 20W, in case that helps you in deciding what you might need.


Democracy Jeans are magic.

Again, Democracy Jeans = Magic Jeans.

I bought them with joy.  I also bought some for my daughter, totally guessing on her size.  They fit her wonderfully and she has also declared them to be magic.

Yes, my teenager and I actually both love the same brand.  If that isn’t magic, I don’t know what is!

We’ve ordered several more pairs since.

You can purchase Democracy Jeans several places.  They are also available on Amazon.

Get some.  Your butt will look awesome and they are even more comfortable than leggings.

I love them with this super cute LuLaRoe bicycle print Irma.  And different flip flops.


democracy jeans and LuLaRoe Irma

And on a frigid Florida winter day, I threw them on with a flamingo tank top, LuLaRoe Sarah duster and some Vince Camuto ballet flats.

Democracy jeans and LuLaRoe Sarah duster with Vince Camuto ballet flats and Walmart tank.


So to recap:  Democracy Jeans = Magic Jeans.


Democracy jeans are the only plus size jeans you'll need!

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