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Bad Bitch Confidence Affirmations to Say Right Now

Repeat these confidence affirmations after me. Seriously. Do it. Stop giving that look. 

Affirmations are instant mood boosters. It’s okay if you don’t believe the words. Say them until you do.

I’m over here saying them myself. I like to say them at stoplights while looking at myself in the mirror. Some days I believe them more than others. There are days that I cry while saying them because the positive words feel so far from the truth. But other days I know these confidence affirmations are 100% true.

Bad bitch confidence affirmations

Bad bitch confidence affirmations

  1. I’ve got this.
  2. I’m calm.
  3. I’m confident.
  4. I’m strong.
  5. I’m secure.
  6. I’m a mother fucking beast.
  7. I’m top of my field.
  8. The world is better with me in it.
  9. I feel great.
  10. It’s a great day.
  11. This is the start of an amazing new chapter in my life.
  12. I work hard at my goals.
  13. I know who I am. 
  14. I go after what I want.
  15. I deserve amazing opportunities.
  16. I am capable of making my wildest dreams a reality.
  17. Everyone already sees my talent.
  18. I am impressive.
  19. I am a master manifestor.
  20. I’m super intelligent.
  21. I’m a great communicator. 
  22. People like me.
  23. I’m sexy AF.
  24. I look amazing today. 
  25. I’m a dynamic individual.
  26. The people I care about believe in me and are cheering me on.
  27. I am so loved.
  28. I’ve created an amazing life for myself. 
  29. I trust my instincts. 
  30. I know myself. 
  31. Everything works out in my favor. 

Wanna feel like the bad bitch you already are? Start by saying these confidence affirmations every day. Say them loud and clear until you believe them! Bonus points if you say them while looking yourself in the eye in the mirror.

By the way, I kind of want this Bad Bitch neon sign for my office.

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