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What Are the Best Clitoral Sex Toys: Womanizer vs Satisfyer

Clitoral sex toys: Satisfyer vs Womanizer

If you are in my super close inner circle OR a reader of this blog (became same-same), you know I love a little gadget called THE WOMANIZER. It’s an amazing clitoral stimulator sex toy that gives crazy long and intense orgasms quickly.  I sing it’s praises and even gave one away to a reader for my birthday.

But guess what?  Today I’m going to let you know about a much cheaper clitoral stimulation toy called the Satisfyer.   I was excited to try it out to see how Satisfyer compares to Womanizer.

Cuz Womanizer is EXPENSIVE (though so worth it).

If you’ve never tried a clitoral stimulation device or new to the sex toy game, you’re probably apprehensive about dropping that much cash.

Clitoral sex toys:  Womanizer vs Satisfyer

Is the budget-friendly Satisfyer sex toy as good as the luxe Womanizer?




BUT. If you haven’t tried Womanizer yet, Satisfyer will still rock your world.  In a big, amazing way.

It’s like when you’ve been getting it on with someone and having a grand ‘ol time.  Because sex is good.  But then you have a new lover that knocks your socks off and changes the way you think about everything.

Satisfyer is good.  You’ll have fun.  Go with it if Womaizer isn’t in your budget or you don’t want to take the plunge until you try out a clitoral sex toy.  It’s still going to be great and you’ll have a chunk of cash left to take yourself out to dinner after your hot solo date.

But don’t go from Womanizer to Safisfyer. You’ll be disappointed.

Haven’t tried Womanizer? Awesome!  Save money and get yourself a Satisfyer!  There’s even a cute penguin shaped one!  (Looking at my friend Amanda.)

Okay, but what are clitoral sex toys????

Both toys work the same. You put them on your clit and they do the work. Both have several levels of intensity. Everything about Womanizer is just smoother. The material is nicer to hold in your hand. The intensity and power buttons push easier. The “action,” (which is hard to explain, but is sort of – but not really – like gentle sucking) is more consistent. Satisfyer is clunkier in every way, including it’s movement on your clit.

That said, I think if I’d tried Satisfyer FIRST, I’d be in love. If I didn’t know HOW GOOD Womanizer is, I’d be perfectly happy with Satisfyer. So if you don’t want to drop $200 on a sex toy, start out with Satisfyer at $30 – $90, depending on the model.  It will leave you satisfied, as the name suggests.

Womanizer vs Satisfyer:  THEY BOTH WIN.

Update:  THERE’S A NEW WOMANIZER MODEL IN TOWN THAT ALSO HAS INTERNAL STIMULATION.  Let me know if you try it!  I haven’t yet.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these clitoral sex toys. I’d love to hear what you think.

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