Pumpkin Slime Recipe!

Here's the perfect fall fun activity! This pumpkin slime recipe is a great sensory experience for all ages - even adults.

Here’s the perfect fall fun activity! This pumpkin slime recipe is a great sensory experience for all ages – even adults.

Green smoothies: Recipes from my Ninja blender

Green Monster Smoothie Recipe

  You’ve probably heard of the health benefits of green juices and green smoothies.  I want to eat better and starting the day with a class full of veggies seems like a great start.   was pretty skeptical about the taste, though.  If it doesn’t taste good, I’m not likely to eat it.  I want my […]

Super easy homemade Instant Pot tomato soup recipe

There are few dinners more comforting than a big mug of warm tomato soup.   Bonus points if it’s homemade!  And if you have an Instant Pot, homemade soup is a breeze. REALLY!  Yes, you can make homemade Instant Pot tomato soup.  It’s easy peasy. I love making homemade soup. I usually follow my grandmother’s model […]

Easy homemade freezer jam


I found some freezer jam making stuff on clearance at Target.  It sat in the pantry for nearly a year before I decided to give it a try last summer.   I’ve never made jam before and pretty much winged it. The first batch was raspberry-blueberry.  It was delicious!!!!!   My daughter  ate a whole […]

Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

buffalo chicken dip

I was listening to talk radio in the car the other day (Love Doctors on Real Radio!) and someone called in with a buffalo chicken dip recipe.  It sounded good so I decided this was the perfect weekend to try it.  We don’t watch football, but it is the Big Game weekend.  Plus, kiddo had […]

Comfort Food: Al Fresco Sweet and Savory Cornbread Muffins

cornbread muffin

Lucky me!  Al Fresco sent me some of their chicken products to try like spicy jalapeño chicken meatballs, chicken bacon and sweet apple chicken sausage! It was a rare cold and wet weekend in Florida and I had a hankering for comfort food. I used the Al Fresco chicken bacon and sweet apple chicken sausage […]

So easy mini spinach and goat cheese frittata recipe


Spinach and goat cheese frittata. It’s what’s getting me back on my wagon. I find I eat so much healthier when I already have breakfast planned for the week.  Otherwise, I wind up deciding to “treat” myself to junk food or hold off until lunchtime when I’m starving, which sets me up for overeating the […]

Chunky Cinco de Mayo Avocado Salad

avocado salad

Crisp Kitchen Tools sent me some cool gadgets to try out.  Crisp’s new collection of kitchen tools are developed by award-winning housewares designers and fit your hand so well, it’s like they were designed expressly for you. Contoured handles, angled blades, and above-and-beyond features give you the confidence and inspiration to take your cooking further. […]

Super easy pasta dinner – Spaghetti with kielbasa

I made a super easy pasta dinner the other night.  It was one of those throw random odds and ends in a skillet and hope it works out kind of nights.  This is spaghetti with kielbasa and veggies. We used gluten free spaghetti because we happened to have some on hand from one of my […]

Healthy eating: How to cook oatmeal in a skillet

Yup, this is a “how to cook oatmeal post.”  This method has changed breakfast in our home.  It’s a simple trick, but makes a big difference. My daughter and I love oatmeal.  We eat it all year – even in Florida’s crazy hot summer. However, we only like it cooked on the stove.  After trying […]

Super easy baked chicken wings recipe

I made chicken wings for the first time Sunday.  We don’t watch the Super Bowl, so it had nothing to do with game day.  (Though we were planning on watching the Kitten Bowl, but it turns out AT&T Uverse no longer carries the Hallmark channel.  BUMMER!) My daughter simply requested chicken wings. It seemed like […]

Healthier French fries: Dijon Baked Fries Recipe

Are you looking for healthier French fries?  Stop right here!  This Dijon baked fries recipe is AMAZING!  They are crisp on the outside, but soft on the inside.  A coating of Dijon mustard adds a sweet and spicy zip.  You’ll be addicted in no time.  The leftovers kept disappearing off the baking sheet at my […]

Lemon Feta Spinach Recipe

I love spinach.  I especially love this lemon feta spinach recipe! I didn’t always like the green stuff, though. I was only offered canned spinach as a child.  Almost all of the veggies in our house came from a can. Canned spinach is mushy and slimy. It is nasty, horrible stuff. I’m so glad I […]

A fish hater’s easy salmon recipe (and I liked it)

I am not a fan of fish.  Or any seafood.  I try hard to like it.  I know how good it is for you.  I just don’t care for it. But I’m tying to eat more protein. And my daughter likes fish. Lots of people like salmon, so I decided I’m going to make it […]

How to make hummus

I love hummus. Well, I love GOOD hummus. There are some nasty varieties of it in stores. I don’t like it if it’s too thick. It needs to be smooth and creamy. My favorite store brand is Sabra’s Greek olive hummus. My daughter hates olives, but will eat that stuff with a spoon. There was […]

Oh, YUM! Lemon Blackberry Infused Water

I have a new favorite beverage:  lemon blackberry infused water. Oh, it is so YUM! I remembered my daughter got me a six-pack of Perrier (“Momma’s treat water’) for Christmas the other day.  It wasn’t cold and I don’t really like it over ice (not sure what that’s about).  I spied some frozen blackberries in […]

Easy Lunchbox Idea: Homemade Lunchables

I threw together this lunch plate for my daughter and I to share the other day.  She declared it,  “The best lunch I’ve ever had!” and asked me to send it in her school lunchbox.  It’s basically a homemade lunchable. Nice… I frequently send her homecooked lunches like beans and rice or homemade tomato soup, […]