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Healthy eating: How to cook oatmeal in a skillet

Yup, this is a “how to cook oatmeal post.”  This method has changed breakfast in our home.  It’s a simple trick, but makes a big difference.

My daughter and I love oatmeal.  We eat it all year – even in Florida’s crazy hot summer.

However, we only like it cooked on the stove.  After trying it that way, we’re spoiled and can never go back to the microwave version.

Same with using water instead of milk.

Instant microwave oatmeal made with water?  NO THANKS!

We are hooked on thick, rich, creamy old-fashioned oats cooked in milk on the stove top.  Yum.

After burning a few pots of it, I came up with an easier and quicker way.

Here’s how to cook oatmeal in a skillet – a favorite healthy eating trick.

Grab a big skillet.  Mine is a nonstick Rachael Ray model.

Add one part oats to two parts milk.  Use the old fashioned oats, not instant or quick cooking. I go with one cup oats and two cups milk for two filling servings.

Add a teaspoon of vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon, dash of salt and pat of butter to the skillet.


Cook over medium heat, stirring often until the oats absorb the liquid to your desired consistency.  (We don’t like ours soupy.)




Add your choice of toppings (brown sugar, nuts, fruit, more milk, etc.)

Dig in!

Have you ever tried to cook oatmeal in a skillet?  What do you put on your oatmeal?

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