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Solo Date Night in Vero Beach, Florida

Solo date night in Vero Beach, FL


I forced myself to go on a solo date night last week, hopping around Vero Beach, Florida.  There’s a lot going on in my world. I’m parenting 2.5 teenage girls (yup, two and a HALF). The two who live with me full time are both getting ready to go to college, one across the country. Anxiety and overwhelm is high for all of us. Plus, general life and trying to heal myself form trauma, as well as help them work through their own.  It all gets so heavy at times.

I was having a hard day.  The choices were 1.  Stay home and mope or 2.  Go out and try to pull myself out of the funk.

Number two won, though there was some internal debate.

First up:  shopping

I started the evening checking out a sale at Idlewild Co.  I picked up a cute planner, a Frida Kahlo keychain and some other cute goodies.  Botanica Candles in Harvest and Rain were also snagged.  I’m hoping to put my new planner to good use for organizing some business tasks and ideas soon.  Stay posted – I’ll be telling you all about it.

Idlewild Co. planner to plot my future

Solo date at the brewery

Walking Tree Brewery Sunny T tangerine gose

Then I hit Walking Tree Brewery, a place I frequent often with friends, but this was my first time going alone. I’m not a big beer fan, but I love the vibe of this place.  The staff are warm and friendly.  They always patiently give me samples of beer, knowing I’m just going to order kombucha.  But I really wanted to try a new beer I saw them post about on Facebook:  Sunny T, a tangerine gose.  Gose and sour beers are my favorite.  This one didn’t disappoint.  I sat at the bar, sipped my beer, made small talk with the bartender and people sitting around me and took a personality test on my phone.

Dinner for one

Then I went for dinner at new restaurant called Dinner Revolution.  It’s a cool concept – the menu changes every two weeks.

Dinner Revolution, Vero Beach, FL

I started with freshly squeezed lemonade and warm bread with melted shallot butter.  The lemonade was the perfect blend of sweet and tart.  The bread.  Oh, the bread, warm and pillowy dipped in melted butter with tiny bits of shallot.  Heavenly.

Freshly squeezed lemonade

Warm bread with melted shallot butter

Then I had the vineyard chicken:  chicken breast topped with goat cheese and a yummy vinaigrette sauce.  I chose loaded mashed potatoes for my side.

Chicken with goat cheese and loaded mashed potatoes

And, of course, a solo dinner date calls for a sweet ending!  Warm chocolate lava cake!  YUM.

Chocolate lava cake

Home alone

Then I took myself home.  And was home alone. I lit my new Harvest candle and started Pose season 2.

Botanica Harvest Candle

I ended the night with a long soak in the tub filled with lavender salts.

(And, of course, a little Womanizer action before bed.)

I left my house feeling stressed, overwhelmed, lonely and sad.  I’m learning to be my own soulmate, like Lizzo preaches.  My solo date in Vero Beach, Florida recharged me.  Check out Idlewild (and the other downtown shops), Walking Tree Brewery and Dinner Revolution if you’re in town – alone or with someone else.

Lizzo: Soulmate

Round 2

My girls gobbled up my Dinner Revolution leftovers and begged me to take them the next day.  Rigatoni and burgers were had.  Everyone was very happy and they are excited they’ll get to see the menu change before they head off to college.  They’re excited to go back.

Rigatoni at Dinner Revolution in Vero Beach, FL Dinner Revolution in Vero Beach, FL Dinner Revolution in Vero Beach, FL


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