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10 Reasons I Fell In Love With Palm Springs Within an Hour of Landing

I have a new crush. Palm Springs, California.  And I’m in deep.

I flew into Palm Springs last Saturday for a conference, landing a bit after 9 p.m., which was midnight Florida time.  I’d left my house fifteen hours earlier.  It was a long day.

But it was worth it because I fell madly in love with the town instantly.

10 Reasons I Fell In Love With Palm Springs Within an Hour of Landing

Outdoor airport

The Palm Springs airport is mostly outside.  I got off the plane and was surprised to be outside!  It was all an open air courtyard until I got to baggage claim.
Just landed at the Palm Springs airport and fell in love.

No sweating

We’re sweating pretty much all the time in Florida.  I walked off the plane into perfect weather of around 70 degrees in Palm Springs.  Locals were quick to tell me it will be up to 115 degrees in the summer, though.  It’s a dry heat, so you don’t get gross sweating like in Florida even at the hottest.


It was so cool seeing cactus as soon as I got off the plane!  Evidence that HEY!  You’re in the desert now!  Most of the cactus (cacti?) were taller than me.

Weed signs

There were signs for marijuana shops in the airport.  I’ve never bought weed and have only used it a couple times (and not until last year).  However, I’ve never seen such casual advertisement for it and certainly not in an airport.  Palm Springs is definitely a relaxed vibe.


There were also signs for Palm Springs Pride in the airport!  It started the day I left.  If I knew I would have planned better and stayed for Pride.  I’ve been an ally before I even knew that was a thing.  I’ve just always loved and accepted my friends (and strangers, too).
Palm Springs Pride signs in the airport

Charging chairs

It took a little while for the keys to my rental car to be delivered.  My phone was dying.  No problem.  The rental car agent directed me to a row of comfy chairs with built in chargers!  I relaxed and charged my phone while waiting for my car.

Funny airport announcements

Baggage claim is in the rental car area.  I got to listen to funny announcements over the intercom system while waiting for my car.  “Hey, Timothy Smith who just flew in from Seattle.  It would be the bet thing ever if you picked up your luggage.  Everyone things it would be great.  Unattended luggage in an airport is not great.  So please make us all happy and come get it.”  Airport announcements with snark!

 Sand storms

I was a little concerned when sand was flying all around my rental car on the way to the hotel.  Well, I wasn’t even sure it was sand. I think I referred to it as dust when I got to check in.  “Oh, honey, that was just a little sand storm.  The dessert was just giving you a welcome.”  Florida sand stays put on the beach (or washes away).  Palm Springs sand greets you!

Alligator fascination

The hotel desk clerks at Staybridge Suites in Cathedral City were so interested in Florida life.  “Have you ever seen an alligator?  OMG! You have?   Have you ever been chased by one?  Have you ever seen an alligator eat a dog?”  They also were fascinated with my Florida driver’s license.

 BBQ joint staff and customers just SO NICE

The hotel clerks suggested I run over to Bubba’s Bones and Brews for some dinner.  I got there as they were getting ready to close, but they assured me I was more than welcome.  Two teenage girls came in right after me.  They were apologetic, thinking it closed in another hour.  They were welcomed, too. We all chatted like old pals – customers and staff.  And the pulled pork, barbecue sauce, mac and cheese and fries were delicious!
So yeah.  I fell in love with Palm Springs hour one.  And that was before daylight when I discovered the wildflowers and MOUNTAINS.
10 Reasons I Instantly Fell In Love With Palm Springs

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