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Ninja Foodi Recipes: Maple Mustard Pork Tenderloin

Ninja Foodi maple mustard pork tenderloin recipe. Great for air fryer, Instant Pot, grill, oven, etc.

I love spending time at Bestie Boo’s house. It’s my favorite place to be. I was intrigued when I found out they own a Ninja Foodi. I’m a big fan of Ninja blenders, but already owned an Instant Pot when the Foodi came out, so I showed restraint and didn’t buy it.  Ninja Foodi is a pressure cooker, air fryer, and slow cooker all in one. I love my Instant Pot and use my air fryer almost daily, but having it all in one device is super cool. Fewer devices to clutter up your countertop or take up storage space.

I decided to make dinner one night during my stay so I could play with the Ninja Foodi. I did a quick inventory of ingredients on hand and then searched google for “best Ninja Foodi recipes.” This led me to a mustard glazed pork tenderloin recipe from My Forking Life.

I love walking around grocery stores, especially ones outside my usual routine. I was going to hit Aldi, but spotted a Lucky’s Market on the way instead. There isn’t a Lucky’s in my town so I decided to check it out. I basically snacked my way around the store thanks to numerous sample stations. Yum.

Ninja Foodi review

First Step: Marinate the Pork Tenderloin

My first step in creating this feast was to make a marinade for the pork. The package of meat I picked up at Lucky’s turned out to be two tenderloins, instead of the one I meant to buy.  This actually was a good thing because I was eating with three very muscular men who were coming to dinner straight from the gym.

The original recipe called for a mustard and brown sugar blend, but  I mixed 1/2 cup of mustard with 1/2 cup of maple syrup instead of the sugar.  There was also salt, pepper and a dash of chili powder in the marinade.   Cut slits in the meat and stuff them with garlic cloves.  Season the tenderloin with salt and pepper.  Coat it in the marinade on all sides and put in the fridge to get ready to be delicious.

Maple mustard pork tenderloin marinating

Ninja Foodi Recipe: Homemade Applesauce

Applesauce goes great with pork.  It’s so easy to make homemade applesauce in a pressure cooker.  Start by slicing and coring your apples.  No small chop necessary.  I also leave them unpeeled.  I’m all about saving time.

Pressure cooker applesauce recipe

Put the apples in the pressure cooker pot with a cup of liquid (I used cranberry juice, but water is fine) and a teaspoon of cinnamon (optional).  Set to pressure cook for five minutes.  That’s all. You can leave it chunky if you like or blend it for a smoother applesauce.  An immersion blender is great for smoothness – again, I’m all about easiest.   Applesauce is a quick and easy Ninja Foodi recipe perfect for beginners!  Put it in the fridge to chill.

Ninja Foodi Recipe: Pressure cooker applesauce

Ninja Foodi Recipe: Roasted Rosemary Potatoes & Mushrooms

Toss a package of tiny potatoes with a tablespoon of olive oil, chopped rosemary, salt and pepper.  Plop them in the air fryer basket and cook at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.  Follow the same procedure for a package of mushrooms, but reduce the time to five minutes.  Put the mushrooms and potatoes aside for later.

Air fryer roasted potatoes

Ninja Foodi Recipe: Roasted Rosemary Potatoes

Air fryer roasted mushrooms

Then I took a nap on the couch.  My best sleep is at Bestie Boo’s.  I got started on dinner again about half an hour before they were set to arrive home.

Aerogarden salad

I’ve been growing arugula, beet greens and herbs in my Aerogarden and I brought a small harvest with me.  I whipped up a salad with the greens, parsley, mint, basil, pumpkin seeds, dried cherries and feta.  A bottle of Tessemae’s Lemon Garlic dressing was ready for serving.

Aerogarden aruglua and beet green salad

Bring on the charcuterie!

Then I whipped up a charcuterie plate because I knew the guys would come in starving.  And because cheese, olives and bread are high on my list of favorite things.

Air fryer garlic bread

The Ninja Foodi quickly toasts up perfect garlic bread!  Slice a baguette, top with butter, garlic powder and Italian seasoning.  Put in the air fryer basket at 350 degrees for five minutes.  Amazing addition to a charcuterie plate.  And I was right – the guys pounced on the cheese, meat, olives and bread as soon as they walked in the door.

Air fryer garlic bread

Charcuterie plate

Ninja Foodi recipe:  Maple Mustard Pork Tenderloin

Maple mustard pork tenderloin going in the air fryer

Put the pork tenderloin in the air fryer basket.  Set the air fryer to 400 degrees.  Since I was cooking two tenderloins at once, it took about 45 minutes.  If you’re only cooking one, start with 20 minutes.  You want the temperature of the meat to reach 145 degrees on a meat thermometer.

Ninja foodi maple mustard pork tenderloin cooked in air fryer

Reheat the potatoes and mushrooms

Take the meat out of the air fryer basket.  Put the potatoes and mushrooms back in the basket.  Reheat at 400 degrees for five minutes while the meat rests.

Ninja Foodi roasted potatoes and mushrooms

Plate and devour!  We were all so fast to dig in no one got a photo of everything plated.  Everything was tasty.  It was so easy to make and clean up was quick and simple.

We feasted, drank wine, talked, laughed, and played Settlers of Catan.

It was such a good night.

And now I really want a Ninja Foodi of my own.

Settlers of Catan


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