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Best Things to Buy at Aldi

Get your quarter ready and stock up on these Aldi finds.

Let’s talk about the best things to buy at Aldi. I am slightly obsessed with this chain, driving half an hour each way to shop at the closest one. Pro tip: I keep my quarters to rent a grocery cart in the little compartment on my driver’s side door.  I even ventured out to see what all the fuss was over the Aldi wine and beer advent calendars.  So here are my favorite things to buy there.  I’d love to hear yours! Leave me a comment!

Best things to buy at Aldi


The nuts are far cheaper here than anywhere else. The teenagers who hung at my house all summer loved the pistachios in the shell.  I prefer them already shelled myself.

These are the best things to buy at Aldi

Aldi has the best pistachios Fake Girl Scout Cookies

I think these are even better than the real Girl Scout cookies varieties.  You get more of them and they’re $1.50 a box.

Aldi fake Girl Scout Thin Mints

Aldi knockoff Girl Scout cookies

Chocolate cake

This cake is $4 and amazing.

Aldi has the best chocolate cake


Dark chocolate sea salt caramels, peanut butter cups and dark chocolate bars are my favorites.  But there are LOTS of options for any chocolate lover.

Aldi dark chocolate bars

Aldi peanut butter cups sell out FAST!

Aldi dark chocolate sea salt caramels

Brioche buns

These buns are so yummy! They have dinner rolls, hot dog buns and hamburger buns. They also have several varieties of brioche loafs.

Elevate your sandwich with Aldi brioche buns

Chicken fillets

I refer to Chik-fil-a as hate chicken and eating it feels like an insult to the LGBTQ+ community.  But it tastes so good!  A couple of the best things to buy at Aldi solves this problem! Cook this in an Air Fryer, then put it on one of the brioche buns for a Chik-fil-a knockoff!

Aldi chik-fil-a knock off chicken fillets


I love pickles.  Aldi has great options.

Aldi pickles are a must!

Best Aldi finds: PICKLES



Olives are one of my favorite foods.  I get the little pimento stuffed green ones and garlic stuffed jumbos every trip.

Aldi olives are a must buy

Aldi top buys:  olives


Their Hawaiian bread stuffing mix is the best stuffing I’ve ever had.

Aldi Hawaiian bread stuffing mix !!!

Indian sauce

I dump a jar in my Instant Pot with a couple boneless chicken breasts for a super easy, yummy meal.

Aldi Indian Sauces make quick, easy, yummy meals.


So many cheese choices!  I got all of these in just one shop!  Give me all the cheese!

Aldi goat cheese medallions are so easily portable and delicious!

Aldi has the best specialty cheeses

Aldi cranberry white cheddar cheese

Aldi cheese is BOMB!

Aldi best buys:  CHEESE!


Aldi dairy is great quality. The organic eggs, cottage cheese and full fat Greek yogurt are staples in my fridge.

Aldi dairy is a great buy.



Must buy:  Aldi bacon


The supreme is my favorite. These are refrigerated.  You take and bake them.

Aldi pizza is a family favorite!


The mint and ginger are my faves.

Best Aldi buys:  tea


Aldi produce is good quality and much lower in cost than other grocery stores.  Fancy little heirloom tomatoes always come home with me.

Best Aldi buys: produce

Random stuff

I picked up bully sticks and a retractable leash last time.  I really wanted constellation yoga pants, but I’m trying hard not to buy clothes.

Random Aldi buys - retractable leash

Aldi pet supplies - bully sticks

Aldi has plus size yoga pants!

So when it comes to the best things to buy at Aldi, I pretty much listed the whole store, didn’t I?  Told you I’m a big fan! Let me know your picks!

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