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My Best Life Is Driving an Infiniti QX60 in Napa Valley

Disclaimer: I was invited on a media trip to experience the Infiniti QX60. All thoughts are my own.

I got invited to check out the all-new Infiniti QX60 in Napa Valley, California last month! My friend Christina and I were pretty much screaming when I got the email. Friends who celebrate with you are just the best.

I’d never been to Napa Valley. I know very little about cars. I’d never driven an Infiniti.

I quickly fell in love with both wine country and the QX60!

Infiniti drive event in Napa Valley

Infiniti QX60

Infiniti Qx60

I’m going to write several posts taking you through my whole trip because every bit of it was amazing. But let’s start with the reasons I was there, the star of the trip: the 2022 Infiniti QX60.

It’s a gorgeous SUV with three rows of seats. It fits seven – comfortably! I checked out each row. There’s a good amount of room even in the third row – and it’s easy to get in and out of!

If you want to know technical stuff about the car, go check out my friend Dawn’s post at Sassy Auto Chick. She has WAY more car knowledge than me. We paired up to drive the car together and had a fantastic time.

It comes in four trim levels with the “Autograph” at the top tier. That’s the version we drove.

Pick your car!

We got to see the car and learn a bit about Infiniti’s vision of mixing luxury with function the first evening of the trip. There were about twelve of us on this media trip. We learned we were the first wave of media to experience the car – so cool!

We were whisked off to a winery that first night. Yes, in the QX60s, of course! We had drivers because…WINE. So. Much. Wine. I’ll share the specifics of the winery tour and dinner in a post soon. (I already confessed about the wine drunk texting that occurred late that night…)

We met up bright and early the next morning for breakfast and a presentation of some of the cool features of the car we’d get to experience on our own drivetime.

Then they told us to pick a color!

We chose this beauty:

Infiniti QX60
2022 Infiniti Qx60

The drive

Once we chose the car, we were off on our first leg of the adventure!

Map to Goat Rock Beach

We had printed directions just in case, but the navigation system had us covered. It was easy to set up, even for someone who is not at all tech-savvy (me).

Driving in Napa Valley

I’m going to write separately about all of the locations we visited: Goat Rock Beach, McEvoy Ranch, and Donum Estate. They were all spaced out a fair distance, which gave us plenty of time actually driving the car.

Napa Valley

I was nervous to drive. I’m a Florida native. Our roads are straight and flat. Wine country roads have hills, curves, and cliffs! Plus, my own car is much smaller so I was unsure about driving an SUV.

I had nothing to worry about. It drove SO EASY. I was comfortable within seconds of taking the wheel.

What I love about the 2022 Infiniti QX60 as someone who doesn’t know “car stuff”

Like I said, if you want specifics about horsepower and such, I’m not your girl. Sassy Auto Chick has you covered there. But here’s what I fell in love with:

  • You can set up voice activation – a sanity saver for people who are always losing their keys like me.
  • There’s a wireless charging mat in between the driver and passenger seat! So convenient.
  • There are a whopping SEVEN USB ports between the three rows. I’ve put in a lot of time driving teenagers around. This eliminates the “Well, what percentage is your phone at?” battle for a port.
  • There are also 14 beverage holders – another feature I would have loved in my days of playing taxi to teens! Even when I’m just on a road trip by myself, I usually have more beverages going on than I have places to put them.
  • The Available Driver Attention Alert gives you a warning if you’re driving erratically, for example, if you’re getting drowsy on a long trip, so you know to take a break.
  • You can get to the third row easily with just one touch.
  • The second and third rows easily go flat to give so much room to haul stuff around. In addition to writing, I sell other people’s trash on sites like Poshmark. I could fit so many Goodwill Outlet treasures in the QX60! (This photo is with just the third row down and a cutie little olive tree tucked back there.)
2022 Infiniti Qx60
  • Ummm….two words: MASSAGE SEATS.

Yes, massage seats!

The driver and passenger seats both offer massages! There are even different settings to choose from. I went with “lumbar” while Dawn chose “relaxing.” I spend a whole lot of time decompressing in my car in parking lots and even in front of my house. Decompressing in your beautiful, comfortable, spacious car while getting a massage? Heaven!

I definitely was living my best life! I’ll post about all the cool stuff we did soon. Napa Valley Rach takes long scenic drives in a gorgeous QX60, wears hats, enjoys olive oil tastings, and drinks wine while watching the sun set over fields of grapes. I can’t wait to get back to that life. Manifestation in motion!

Reserve your 2022 Infiniti QX60 here.

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