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People I admire who don’t get enough hype

Here’s a list of people I admire who don’t get enough hype. Do you fall into one of these categories?

  1. Those who snore lightly and steadily like a white noise machine. It’s so soothing. Cats, though not exactly people, fall into this category.  
  2. Those who move their body freely, confidently, joyfully and fluidly no matter the size. I desire this for myself, but my body doesn’t cooperate. Yet. I have hope it will click eventually.  
  3. People who like fish,  especially salmon. Salmon lovers don’t get enough hype. I know it’s healthy and I have tried it many different ways. I’m just not a fan. (Actually, I was able to eat salmon at Bestie Boo’s once. I’ll post that recipe soon.)
  4. People who wash, dry, fold, hang, and put their clothes away all on the same day. And ironing? That’s just crazy talk. What?! After huge effort, my laundry is almost under control for the first time all year right now and I live alone.
  5. Likewise, people who do their dishes, put them away and clean their kitchen daily. It’s so tedious. I feel guilty for using paper plates and plastic forks, but weeks it’s all I can handle.
  6. People who keep up with cleaning in general. You guys don’t get enough hype. Keeping up with household chores is a struggle with me in the best of times and impossible when I’m in emotional chaos.
  7. People with cars that don’t look like trash heaps inside. Ya’ll. My car. It’s just gross. I buy and sell other people’s trash, but that’s just a convenient excuse.
  8. People who can parallel park. I got a D in driver’s ed, which was passing. This meant I didn’t have to take the test at the DMV. I’m a terrible driver and parallel parking is not in my skillset.
  9. People who get gas before they’re out of bars. It’s a miracle I don’t run out of gas twice a month. My car is also past due for an oil change.
  10. People who understand cryptocurrency. I’ve tried to learn. I watched a ton of TikToks. A man at the coworking space spent a solid hour trying to explain it. It’s a whole other language. Anyone have some good “crypto for beginners” references? (I originally typed “crypto for dummies,” but I changed it because I’m working on kind and positive self talk!)

So basically, if you have your shit together and are able to function like society expects adults to behave, I admire you. Much respect! You don’t get enough hype!

And if you’re in awe of these people, welcome to my club! Let’s have our meetings in a park since our houses are messes.

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Some of you really impress me with the way you have your lives together! Here are 10 people I admire who don't get enough hype.

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