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Is Charcoal Toothpaste Worth the Cost?

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charcoal toothpaste

I am unhappy with my smile.  My teeth are crowded and crooked.  I am about thirty years late for braces.

And they are discolored and gross from coffee, tea, soda…and lack of self care.  I am way overdue for a cleaning and suck at flossing.


You know all my dirty dental secrets.

So I was intrigued when I started hearing of the magic of charcoal toothpaste.

Charcoal is everywhere these days!

I admit, I don’t really understand the benefits or how it suddenly blew up in popularity and don’t care enough to research the answers for this blog post.  Sorry.  If you want information on why charcoal is a beneficial ingredient, I do NOT have you covered.

I hit Amazon to look for charcoal toothpaste.  I noticed Dental Expert brand has AMAZING reviews – and lots of them!

I admit – the cost turned me off.  $18 for a tube of toothpaste?

But the glowing reviews made me think this toothpaste would have my teeth also glowing so I was excited to try it.

Is charcoal toothpaste worth the cost?

I have Amazon Prime so my tube arrived within day.  The mailman delivered it as I was packing the car for a weekend away with my teenage daughter and her best friend.  I threw the toothpaste in the trunk and off we went!

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We were all excited to brush our teeth when we got to the hotel.  (Yes, I realize excitement over brushing teeth is kinda lame….but $18 toothpaste to try, yo!)

charcoal toothpaste

Do not be alarmed.  The toothpaste is black.  Because charcoal.

It doesn’t stay black, though.  It becomes a cool gray foam that reminds me of Beauty and the Beast (“Try the gray stuff, it’s delicious!”)

charcoal toothpaste

Why, yes, I did brush my teeth with black charcoal toothpaste while wearing a pink unicorn dress.  Oh, how I love Amazon Prime!

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This toothpaste is minty fresh!  It made my mouth feel great!  My teeth felt smoother and cleaner instantly.

Were they whiter?

YES!  I noticed a difference with the very first brush!!!!

My teenage assistants agreed!

We give this charcoal toothpaste big thumbs up!  I say, YES, this tube was worth the $18!

Try it and let me know what you think!

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